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El Weekender

No 67

2017 Cowboy Draft

After what must be considered one of the best drafts in Cowboy history, how do you follow up? After all, Zeek lived up to all the hype that can be afforded a rookie, he was as one local radio head might say “All that in a bag of chips” And, as for Dak by his fourth game last season some of the local fandom had already started Hall of Fame talk.

There is no doubt that with the help of last year’s rookie crop, the Cowboys far exceeded all our expectations. Pero (But) that dang defense, while that unit did better than expected, it still had major holes. Cowboys should have beat Green Bay in the playoff game. It is was obvious to even the fair weather fan that we need corner help, and pass rushers.

Last season the Cowboys were ranked 19th for sacks, they only had 15 and it took 4 different players to get that. Enter Cowboys first round pick Taco Charlton, out of Michigan he is 6/6 273, last season he had 9.5 sacks, 13 tackles for losses that earned him all conference honors. This draft was defensive help focused as we all knew that it should be. They took 3 Corner Backs and at least 2 tackles, list below of draft picks to date. Many of which should be able to break through and start, at least that is the hope, because they need help now! I can’t’ believe I am about to say this but, I am already looking forward to training camp. Adios till then.





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