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El Weekender

No 67


Workaholics premiered on Comedy Central in 2011. At first glance it seems like your basic sitcom about three rowdy friends who work in a stuffy telemarketing office. But, Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Anders Holm, the stars and writers of this hilariously inappropriate show produced something far more entertaining than your basic sitcom.

Admittedly, this show is not for the faint at heart. However, if you can get past the constant drug use and sometimes odd profanity, this show is worth binge watching. This trio manages to get themselves in the most outrageous situations and while they always seem to bail themselves out, sometimes with the help of their trusty drug dealer ‘Karl Hevacheck’ (Kyle Newacheck), their difference in personalities prove to be no benefit. ‘Adam DeMamp’ (Adam Devine) who became popular during his role in “Pitch Perfect” seems to be stuck in the adolescent faze of his life, and is contently demanding attention from his coworkers and buddies. He is fixed on making sure everyone knows how successful he is at anything he does. ‘Blake Henderson’ (Blake Anderson), loves his two friends and seems to have a soft spot for Karl the drug dealer, he has interest in many hobbies like male stripping and the magical art of wizardry. ‘Anders Holmvic’ (Anders Holm) is a whole other story, as he is completely self-absorbed and seems to think he is as talented at rapping as N.W.A., often speaking in slang, his large ego gets him in trouble often. Throughout the series, celebrities like Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Rumor Willis and even Rebel Wilson made cameo appearances, never failing to shy away from the unique humor this show carries.

Sadly, this year is its very last season.  Workaholics did have a great run at 7 seasons, and as this last one seems to continuously point out, these guys are getting kind of old for their teen- like shenanigans. Workaholics, is great for adults of all ages but I strongly urge parents to watch this one after the kids are in bed.



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