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El Weekender

No 70

Roswell 1947-Revisted

Anyone that has ever pondered the possibility of life elsewhere has a natural curiosity about UFOS, in fact according to a 2015 Ipsos poll 45% of Americans believe E.T. S have visited earth. And, perhaps one of the most famous and lasting mysteries in this country is the Roswell incident. There has been 1,000s of articles, many books, documentaries and movies on the Roswell incident.

As for me, I do believe there is intelligent life outside this world we call earth. However, to the question Are they regular visitors here? As stated above 45% of us believe that yes, they have visited which if you are into that sort of thing that is 8% more than believe Trump is doing a good job. And while there is a lot more to say, I will allow you to insert your own joke here. Ok, back to Roswell I was there in late May and visited the International UFO Museum and research center. Below is their historical time-line fact sheet of this incident that they provide all visitors.

On July 4 1947, Mac Brazel a ranch hand on the Foster ranch, 75 miles NW of Roswell, heard a loud noise at 11.50pm. Two nuns at St Mary’s Hospital in Roswell saw what they believe was an airplane crash, the base tower reported a descending flash that they tracked on radar.

July 5; Mac Brazel discovers a debris field over 300 yards wide and ¾ of a mile long, he gathers a sack full of the debris.

July 6; M. Brazel takes his finding to Sheriff Wilcox in Roswell, Wilcox calls Intelligence Officer Jesse Marcel at the base. Marcel comes in to town to investigate and then follows Brazel back to ranch for a further look.

July 7; Brazel and Marcel investigate the debris site on the ranch. Marcel shows the collected material to his boss, Colonel Blanchard. Glen Dennis gets a call from RAAF about the number of child-size caskets he has in stock and they inquire how to preserve bodies that have been exposed to the weather- strictly for future reference they tell him. Un related Glen Dennis takes an airman that had been involved in accident to base hospital and reported seeing strange stuff in the back of ambulances. A nurse friend of his that was on site asked that he leave immediately. He was escorted out of there by the military with threats to his life.

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