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in Denton?

Actor, producer and comedian Jason Michael Lee has abandoned his career along with his beliefs in the state of California to move in with his family to the small city of Denton Texas.

Lee’s retirement has affected citizens of this area causing them to be afraid about his future. What has caused such distrust towards the Hollywood star who appears in well recognized movies and series such as My Name is Earl, Mallrats, The Incredibles and Alvin and The Chipmunks?

For more than thirty years Lee was heavily involved in the controversial belief of the Church of Scientology, which is a religious movement that was founded by the American author L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology is based on the belief that human beings respond to negative or traumatic events with the reactive part of the mind which prevents the use of the analytic part of the mind and its experimentation with reality. The purpose for members of this religion is to find, relive and neutralize these traumatic experiences to reaffirm the superiority of the analytic mind and reach spirituality.

Scientology is controversial due to its opposition towards psychiatric treatments in the medical field. Citizens of Denton fear Jason Lee’s beliefs due to his failed marriage with actress Carmen Llywelyn in 2001, which she fully blamed on Lee’s obsession towards the religion.

Llywelyn assured in various interviews that Scientology led her to lose her own identity to the cult her ex-husband forced her to join. However, just as Tom Cruise, Jason Lee maintained his beliefs of Scientology after his divorce.

After retiring from his career this past year the actor also quit his religion to move to Denton along with his wife Ceren Alkac and their children to keep their family intact. However, rumors swirled around the area few months ago about Lee and Alkac’s relationship, reporting the upcoming divorce of the couple and their plans to create Scientology centers and influence the population with his beliefs.

These rumors were quickly shut down during an interview with The Dentonite in which Lee clarified that he is living happily in his new home with his family and that he has no plans that are based on the religion as he no longer takes part in it.

During the interview, the actor mentions that he has rented a space downtown which he has transformed into a photo office where he spends his time focusing on his passion of scanning and editing photos. Finally, he mentions that he and his wife have plans to help and bring great things to the city of Denton none of which are related to the controversial religion of scientology therefore no one should be afraid as him and his family have moved to become involved and help this city.



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