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El Weekender

No 70


By Denise G. Jimenez

UFOS and Aliens are frightening and sometimes too menacing to even imagine. However, there is a large group of people who are fascinated with the thought of life on planets other than earth.

In fact, in no other place then Roswell, New Mexico, there is a UFO convention that is dedicated to the possibility of extraterrestrials visiting or abducting humans. There wasn’t always this obsession with UFOS and Aliens, experts believe it all began in 1961 when Betty and Barney Hill came across something that would change their lives forever.

While driving home to Portsmouth from a short vacation in Montreal, Canada, Betty and Barney noticed a light in the distance. As they drove to the field where the illumination was coming from the couple supposedly discovered an aircraft with a ‘humanoid creature “looking through a small window. What happened next, would be a complete mystery to the couple as they lost two full hours of memory. The only evidence the couple had was a torn dress, scuffed up shoes and the broken binocular strap, none of which were damaged before the incident. It wasn’t until a year later when Betty and Barney Hill could no longer bare the back pain they had been experiencing since that eerie night and decided to see a doctor as well as a hypnotherapist. While under hypnotherapy, a nightmare was revealed, one that would change the world forever. ┬áThe two would go on to describe these humanoid creatures that spoke through telepathy, and conducted gruesomely painful experiments. What sets this case apart from the others would be Betty Hill’s Star Map recollection. While under hypnosis, Betty Hill was able to recall a star map that she claimed was given to her by one of the alien humanoid creatures. This was an undiscovered star map at the time but, in 1968 Marjori Fisher an elementary school teacher and small-time astronomer discovered the star map to be accurate. This makes this terrifying tale all the more believable and definitely makes me uneasy at the possibilities. Betty and Barney Hill’s story is what catapulted the world into the excitement and wonder of UFOS and the famed couple even has their own plaque in Lincoln, New Hampshire to commemorate the incident.

If you are intrigued by the unknown and mysterious outer world, the 70th Anniversary UFO festival would be a perfect summer getaway.



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