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El Weekender

No 71

Roswell Revisited Part 2

July 8th

Colonel Blanchard, head of Roswell Army Airfield told his PR Officer Lt. Walter Haut to issue the press release at 2.00 p.m. about the UFO recovery. The military philosophy was to inform the public that the craft was not there anymore, this was to avoid the public from visiting the reported crash site.

Marcel takes some of the debris to Ft. Worth to General Ramey, he then spreads the debris on the floor of his office, he asks Marcel to step out of the room for something, and when he returns, the debris has been replaced with weather balloon debris. Ramey was then told not to speak about the change, and a photo was taken for July 9th newspapers.

During the period of July 9-12, Brazel is held by the military so they could inspire him to change his story to a crash of a weather balloon. Reportedly, Brazel never spoke of this anymore in his lifetime.

According to Glen Davis, his friend a nurse at the hospital, drew a big-eyed Alien that she saw on the operating table, and said she had been taking notes. She was transferred the next day to England, and was declared dead soon after; by the military.

July 9th

Gen. Ramey issues a press release to the AP that the saucer story is just a weather balloon. Pappy Henderson AF pilot flies the Alien bodies from RAFB to Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton Ohio, Denver Colorado or Ft. Worth Texas (Never Confirmed)

(This is the official version of events from the UFO museum and International research center)

As I wrote earlier, there are possibly other versions and reports, guess you can pick one. As for me, I believe something big happened that day in 1947 exactly what, guess we will never know. But, if you are into that, you may want to show up in Roswell on June 29th thru July 2nd for their70th annual UFO convention, and Entertainment show. And if you make back, please file a report with us.

By A. Govea



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