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El Weekender

No 71

The Civil War and the Confederate Flag

By Denise G. Jiménez

Throughout time it seems as if the Confederate Flag has lost its true meaning; most people waving the flag claim it stands for southern pride. However, it is important to remember why this flag was created in the first place. Much like many southerners today, in 1860 Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederate States claimed the south was seceding over States Rights. The South felt the federal government had too much power over individual states. However, some southerners fail to mention the only right southerners were in fear of losing was the right to own another human being. No matter how hard anybody tries to downplay the true reason for the south succeeding from the Union, the facts are clear as day; it was all about slavery.

The documentation of the pure racism that drove the south to leave the Union is harsh to say the least. Southern Democrats often referred to President Lincoln as the “Black Republican”. The Vice president of the Confederate States was quoted saying slavery was the “immediate cause” of the Civil War and succeeding from the United States. Other states like South Carolina wrote in their Declaration of Immediate Causes of Succession, “increasing hostility on the part of the non- slave holding states to the institution of slavery” as part of their reason for leaving. Mississippi, leaving no question as to why they were succeeding, stating how preserving slavery is the reason for succeeding.

All the efforts of the Confederate army to preserve slavery proved fruitless, and on May 10, 1865 Jefferson Davis was captured by federal troops, then two days later Lee surrendered. Years after the Civil War had finally ended some confederate veterans began to give sugar coated ideas of States Rights being the reason why they fought in the Civil War. But, Nathan Bedford Forest a wealthy slave trader disregarded their reasoning and exclaimed how the only reason he fought was to “Keep his N** and other folks’ N**”, I cleaned up the quote but I am sure you get the picture.

There is too much evidence showing the true meaning of the confederate flag, and no matter how you try to spin it, it will always stand for hate and racism.



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