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El Weekender

No 73

Tarrant County College / Trinity River Campus

July 10 – 20

9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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Latina Stem Fellowship

The young Hispanic Community has made some dramatic strides when combating dropout rates. The Pew Research Center, revealed that in 2014 the Hispanic Dropout rate went from 12 percent to 7 percent. Where are these young students headed towards after graduating high school? Well, half of Hispanic Students are attending two-year community college, while this is great, it would be ideal to have more young Hispanics to obtain a four-year degree. And, for Latinas there is a program perfect to catapult these young women into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, or for short STEM.

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According to the Latina STEM Fellowship Director of Activities, Sophia Garcia, this program offers young Latina students ages 18 – 21, the opportunity learns science skills that they can use to obtain jobs and internships. They will take a career assessment which helps them see what science careers fit their strengths and interests and where those jobs are in high demand. Then, they will make a plan for their undergraduate and graduate school education that could help them become the type of professional they desire. Registration for this 2-Week fellowship will be through the week, and weekend.

This is a valuable program and will certainly help young students to work against the summertime laziness, where often students have left their studies far behind and have settled nicely in front of their computers or televisions. The Director of this program leaves no question the amount of potential she sees in the young Latina community and stated, “I am doing this because, I want to create a fellowship of young ladies who are supported in their passion for science. I want them to see their potential and realize that the career and life they want is possible in spite of any perceived barriers. Many faculty, scientists, and community members support this program and want to see these ladies succeed and it is important for them to know this. So many young ladies do not have support at home, at school, or among their peers. The LSF is a space where they are encouraged and motivated to continue their education in science so that they can become the next generation of leaders and continue to inspire other young ladies.” It is exciting to see such a change in the Hispanic community when it comes to putting more effort towards education. A very important change, as now more than ever we need to show our strength within the community, and the support we have for one another.


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960 Miles to Havana Part4

The sun had set over the horizon and as darkness draped the Hemingway Marina an inconvenient truth became abundantly clear; we had lost Roberto. It was strange to describe a 56-year- old man as lost. However, we were in a foreign country and there was really no other way to describe it. We had all left together this morning to Old Havana. We had agreed to meet at 5 at La Floridita. However, I got delayed because my friends, Jill and Dan insisted I help them and shirts like the one I had bought. It’s not easy buying souvenirs in Havana. Any manufactured good is scarce. Souvenir shops don’t have deep inventories like they do in other countries. For example, I had purchased several small oil paintings. However, after purchase the vendor would remove the wooden frames from the canvas. They had to reuse the wooden frames because they did not have any more.

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The Lord’s Catholic Church

In my search for the truth I realize more and more that the Catholic Church has it all and so my friends I want you all to know the main thing that the Catholic Church offers. First and foremost, we believe it was started by Jesus Christ. That he appointed Peter to lead it when he said to him “you are the Rock and upon this Rock I will build my Church”. Because of that the Apostles looked to Peter for leadership. He was the center point of contact for all the Apostles when they all went out to preach the good news of the risen Christ. The Catholic church did not just all of a sudden pop up and start its customs and religious acts of worship, it evolved as it was being led by the Holy Spirit. In fact, the name “Catholic Church” was not used until 110 A.D. It was used to distinguish it from other groups that also call themselves the church. Saint Ignatius of Antioch, a disciple of Saint John, used it in a letter and the name stuck.

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Brown on Brown Racism: It starts early, it starts at home

Perhaps not many remember the big debate between Tony Sanchez and Dan Morales. It was mano a mano, macho a macho, it was billed as the first debate between two candidates for governor, entirely in Spanish. Of course, it was a show, pitting a candidate that spoke Spanish against one that did not. It was a putdown. Brown on Brown discrimination has existed from the beginning of Texas. It was thoroughly logical in the time of royalty. There was a pecking order. That pecking order was passed down over generations. So much that when Anglos saw this pecking order they liked it so much they adopted it. Why change a good thing? In a way, we were doomed from the beginning.

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