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El Weekender

No 77

Raven's Home

Disney Channel

By Denise G. Jimenez

It seems as if there has been increase of television show revivals. From X- Files, Boy Meets World, to Full House, there has not been a genre untouched by this trend. But, there is a clear difference in these revived programs, and it is safe to say I’m usually disappointed after the initial excitement wears off.

Luckily, it was not the same for Raven’s Home. Raven Symone starred in That’s So Raven, it aired on Disney Channel from 2003-2007. This hilarious show follows a unique teenage girl who has all of the common trials and tribulations of high school, but with the added bonus of being psychic. Her outlandish plans to stop the inevitable, often lands her in outrageous situations that will make the entire family laugh.

Ravens Home premiered on Disney Channel July 21st, 2017. And, instead of being a teen, Raven is now a single mother of two! They even brought back Chelsea (Anneliese van der Pol), Ravens best friend who can be quite the air head sometimes. In this series, Raven and Chelsea find themselves divorced with three children between them, but they find solace in friendship and move in together to raise their kids. However, just like in the original series, Raven lets her psychic abilities get the best of her, and this time her kids are also along for the ride.

I say this revival is different from the rest because, Raven Symone does such an amazing job of portraying her original character as she did in 2003, but without being too cheesy about it. Something other reboots might have lacked.  And, just like the original series, there is humor for everyone in the family.

Ravens Home
Disney Channel PR
July/ 27/ 2017

Disney Channel
That’s so Raven



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