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El Weekender

No 77

Lucky Wasn’t So Lucky

By now we are all familiar with what happened to Lucky Whitehead, Cowboys 3rd year fill in receiver and special team’s player. It was the crime that wasn’t, evidently someone that was identified as Whitehead was arrested for shoplifting $40.00 worth of merchandise at a convenience store in Whiteheads home state of Virginia. As it turned out it was a case of a stolen identity none the less, he was tried and convicted by the Cowboy organization.

Just a week before Lucky was in the news for having his dog stolen for ransom, later it was reported that somehow a local rapper had his dog. It sounds like a C&W song, I lost my dog and lost my job, if it wasn’t for bad luck I’d’ have no luck at all. For his part, he claimed innocence all along, he even had proof he was not in Virginia at the time of the crime. However, all this fell on deaf ears. This was a case of the last straw, we have all heard about. Which reminds about another last straw story.

About 40 years ago (Damn that’s a long time ago). I was working at a freezer warehouse, you had to wear heavy winter overalls every day. This was because it was really freezing in there, there was real ice in there, we even played a form of hockey with frozen food products. Hey, when you are young there is always a game to play. So even though it was tough at times, we all made the best of it, the biggest problem though was getting there before 7.00 a.m. to change into our Eskimo suits. It wasn’t that we were extremely late 5-10 minutes or so, but our boss at that time had had it! So, one afternoon before we left work he called an impromptu meeting and said, “Next person that is late will be fired no excuses or questions asked”

And guess what? He meant it, unfortunately for him and the guy that got fired, the person who got fired was a big brown noser (Suck up) that was never late. Of course, we all had a big laugh about it (Feel bad now) the guy was also the son-in-law of the assistant manager.  But, alas a threat is like a promise you must keep, so it was “Adios, brown noser”. After a while, we all went back to the 5-10-minute window arrival time and not another word was spoken of this.

Some might say the firing of Lucky was to hold him up as an example for others to learn from. After all, the Cowboys are far and away in the lead of suspended players since 2014, in the whole NFL. And of course, Lucky had already been on thin ice for being late or missing team meetings Y Mazz. In fact, it was common knowledge that he might not even make the team with rookie Ryan Sweitzer expected to take his slot. Will this get the attention of others on the team? Maybe the rookies, but as for the starting veterans, they are probably laughing among themselves. Just like the band of Eskimos I once knew. As for Lucky, he is now a New York Jet and for his own good I hope wiser for the experience.

Next week well’ get a little more serious maybe?

By A. Govea


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