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Hall of Fame Game
Cowboys win 20-18 in season opener

While you do have a bunch of men wearing uniforms, I would really hesitate to call this the start of the 2017 NFL season. And if you are a betting man, there was a line on this game and if you do, dude you must have a real problem. Get help now!

Of course, this game is a forerunner to Saturdays Jerry Jones Coronation, or Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, as an Owner he deserves it, as a G.M. not so much. Either way he has come a long way since buying the Cowboys back in 1989. I am old enough to clearly remember the outrage most Cowboy fans had over the Tom Landry firing. It was not that he fired him, it was how he fired him (on the golf course). It seemed Jerry had no clue about the uproar he was creating in Cowboy land. In fact, most people thought “What the hell is this hillbilly (No offense to Hillbillies, I have hillbilly cousins) from Arkansas doing”? But, hey he got us back to the promise land and he will gladly tell you, as he is fond of telling detractors “Did you like those three Super Bowls”? “I hope you did, I hope you did very much”. My answer to that question is “Yes of course, thank you, Jimmy Johnson and the 90s Cowboy team, by the way I also liked the 20 consecutive winning seasons and 2 Super Bowls before you guys”. That being said, I must tip my sombrero to Jerry on a job well done, Salud!

Camp buzz is on how well 2016 second round pick Jaylon Smith is doing, he has practiced in full pads and has even worked on goal line stands, and taking some hits. According to some reports his knee is 80% regenerated, 80% of a Jaylon Smith may be better then what we had last season. Out for Hall of Fame game is Jourdan Lewis, Ryan Sweitzer, Chaz Green, Mallick Collins and David Irving. However, most of them are likely to return to practice next week. Cowboys fans and Taco Bueno (signed Charlton as spokesman) may be excited to see 2017 first round pick Taco Charlton.  Still waiting on Zeek decision, suspension or no? Darren McFadden is still a solid number 2 behind him, and may get the call early this season if there is a suspension. As for 3rd back, I understand that veteran Alfred Morris is getting some push from 2nd year man Rod Smith. As for suspensions, I have listed those before. However, reportedly the NFL will be fining the Cowboys for having 3 or more suspended players in one season. Either way it is go time, so welcome to the 2017 season… kinda.

By A. Govea



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