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The Orville

Seth Macfarlane first shocked audiences in 1999 when FOX released the new animated series, Family Guy. However, audiences weren’t ready for the stark and sometimes bleak absurdity Family Guy had to offer, so it was cancelled. FOX, didn’t even air the last episode of season three. Luckily for fans, Adult Swim was able to reveal the final episode to viewers at a later date.

But for Seth Macfarlane, failure was not in the stars. Family Guy, was resurrected in 2004, and has won 6 Primetime Emmys. He was not going to stop there. The brilliant writer would go on to give us shows and hit movies like American Dad, The Cleveland Show, Ted, and more. Ted was even nominated for an Oscar and won a People’s Choice award for Favorite Comedy. While, not all of his projects were as big as a hit as Family guy, he tried to at least make something for everyone. Personally, I was disappointed The Cleveland Show only lasted three seasons.

Seth Macfarlane gained even more notoriety when he created the Star Wars series, “Blue Harvest”, “Something, Something, Something Darkside”, and “It’s a Trap”. It was completed with John Williams, the original Music Director of the Star Wars film series. It was a hit, and it seems like he is still going to stick with the Sci-Fi “flow”.

The Orville, is the newest series created by Seth Macfarlane. From the clips FOX has released, it looks like it may see some success. According to FOX, this new series placed 400 years into the future, tells the story of an unconventional space crew manning one of the largest exploratory ships belonging to Earth’s finest ship fleet. While this is a clear head nod (or maybe stab) towards Star Trek, it appears to be all the fun a space travel Sci-Fi offers, with the added bonus of Seth MacFarlane’s unique comedic style.

The Orville Premieres Sunday, September 10 At 8/7c.


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