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The case for leadership – Elections matter

The press conference for No SB4 went extremely well.  There was a sizeable crowd and some dynamic speakers, most notable, Sergio DeLeon and Ramon Romero. Kudos to Daniel Rodriguez and United Fort Worth for their leadership.

Republicans have governed with impunity.  They have taken slim margins of victory as mandates to do their moral and right-wing agenda.  The Republican agenda has nothing to do with good governance.  The opposition does not matter.  But as the saying goes “To the victor belongs the spoils” so governing belongs to the Republicans. 

The Democratic Party continues its losing streak having lost the most expensive US House seat in history in Georgia.  Is there any hope for the Democratic Party?  The Democratic Party suffers from a condition that is hard to overcome, it does not listen.  As a leader in the military I learned that my ears were my best source of information.  There is this thing, you can listen to the words or you can listen to the message.  The message is what is going to make you successful.  I used to say that it was not my management degree that made me successful, it was my intuition.  You have to follow your gut instincts many times.

We are into another election cycle.  This time State Representatives and many State Senators will be running for reelection., one is Konni Burton, State Senator District 10.  Governor is also on the ballot.  All US Representatives and Senator Ted Cruz are on the ballot.  This is how you say goodbye to SB4.  Vote politicians out of office. 

This is my opinion on running for office.  If you have to be recruited to run for office, don’t run.  Candidates need to be passionate about the position they seek.  You can run on issues that you are passionate about or you want to challenge the incumbent because he or she is a bad actor.  Make friends with County Chairs.  They are the best source of information.  You may run into one or two County Chairs that are bad actors, but they are the exception and not the rule.  Inevitably you will be asked by a large newspaper to appear in front of their editorial board for an interview for an endorsement.  Decline the interview.  These newspapers usually already know whom they are going to endorse and asking you to appear is so they can demonstrate that they are fair. 

You are the candidate.  It is your win or your loss.  Know your issues. “I don’t know and I will get back with you” are not acceptable answers.  Be creative.  Spend money wisely.  Get all the free publicity that you can get.  County Chairs are good about this. We will run a PSA for you.  No fee.  Party affiliation does not matter.  What matters is that you run.  There are many Latino Republicans in Tarrant County.  Don’t be afraid to run as a Republican.  If you are a Democrat and are afraid to run because you might get beat.  Stay home.  Do go vote though.

A suggestion for the Democratic Party straight out of the NFL playbook.  When a team is losing the coach may be the best man on the team.  But you don’t fire the team, you fire the coach.  It is time for new leadership at the top.  You have nothing to lose but a few more elections.  To those that elect the state party chair, the choice is yours.

Felix Alvarado



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