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El Weekender

No 79


A Netflix original Series

By Denise Jimenez

Netflix became popular when families ditched the Video stores and opted for renting DVD’s by mail. But just like Video Cassettes, DVDs became almost obsolete when everyone began streaming television shows and movies right to their smartphones, computers and TVs. Netflix became even more popular when the company started creating their own series of television shows, often starring big name actors. Some of their original creations, like Orange Is the New Black has earned them even more notoriety as audiences could not get enough of the outlandish portrayal of women behind bars.

Now, Netflix has brought us a new series, starring Jason Bateman titled Ozark. The Drama/Thriller, will have you glued to your television as Jason Bateman shows the depth of his talent. Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman), a successful financial planner finds himself living in a quiet summer resort community in the Ozark, a stark difference in lifestyle compared to Chicago where he had a successful Financial Planning firm. Marty tries to keep a calm façade for his wife Wendy (Laura Linney) and his two kids, but the stakes high now that his side business laundering money for the drug cartel took a turn for the worse. After promising millions of dollars of laundered money to an increasingly threating drug lord, Marty is forced to find local businesses to launder money through.

The shadowy backcloth of the Ozarks perfectly mirrors the sequence of events as each episode reveals Marty’s ability to slip further away from family man to desolate criminal.  Jason Bateman’s dry humor and serious tone makes you believe he is desperate enough to keep his clearly undeserving family safe no matter what strife that may bring.

I am four episodes into the series and I found it difficult to not immediately binge watch Ozark. If you are looking for something new to watch, I suggest giving this Drama a try. I will warn you, it may be violent at times but it is not overdone. I would wait until the kids are in bed to enjoy this one, but it will be worth the wait. You can catch the first season of Ozarks on Netflix.



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