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Did Zeek Do It?

While the police department in Columbus Ohio decided it did not have enough evidence to get a domestic violence conviction, the NFL thought otherwise. The NFL and their vast resources they have at their disposal, and by the way they are still legally a Non-Profit corporation said otherwise. They have handed down a 6-game suspension, which in “Zeek money” comes to losing out on over $559,182 this season. But don’t’ feel too bad for him I’m sure some body will slip him a couple a thousand for an appearance here or there.

  But, is he guilty? Hard to say from my vantage point, I will say he is guilty of acting stupid a la (Saints Patrick’s parade, Bar fight etc) knowing he had this hanging over his head. A lot has come out to discredit his accuser (Sex, Lies and Videotape). However just like Zeek can be guilty of acting stupid, she may also be. The official letter to Zeek from Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL reads in part according the findings of his four advisers/investigators, “There is substantial and persuasive evidence supporting a finding that you (Elliot) engaged in physical violence against Ms. Thompson on multiple occasions during the week of July 16, 2016”.  And a lot more stuff, for his part Elliott and his attorneys deny all allegations and have already appealed the NFL ruling. Cowboys fans are free to believe either side but as for me I do believe something happened, to what extent I don’t how know but I hope that they both get help before they ruin, or at least really harm their futures. Enough said on this.

  Ram 13/Cowboys 10 in a game that quickly reminded me why I try to stay away from pre-season games, however since I write this column I kinda have to. Bright spots Taco Charlton showed that he is learning a little something in training camp, even had a sack and some hurries. Rico Gathers or Rico Suave, as some are calling him now had another good game and just looks good out there. Well at least in passing game, he needs work on blocking assignments and not sure if he was out of place a time or two.  Overall, I believe he is a keeper for the final 53 man cut. Q.B. Cooper Rush just looks like an NFL Quarterback, he went 9 of 11 for little over 100 yards. First backup Q.B. Kellen Moore is beginning to get a tag as not being able to throw downfield and perhaps not progressing. So much that some are calling for Rush to be named the back up going into season. I say let’s not get carried away with a little flash, however having said that I also like the Rush kid. 

Next up the Colts at ATT Stadium in Arlington this Saturday, which is expected to be the debut of inside linebacker Jaylon Smith. To say we need him would be an understatement, but we do and hey maybe we may also see Dak and company for a series or two. So again, I will ask for your comments or thoughts on Cowboys or whatever to appear here (contact me at

By A. Govea



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