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El Weekender

No 80


I was surprised when I was notified that I had to see the principal at Trimble Tech.  Had no idea what he wanted to see me about.  Normally, it is because something went wrong.  He informed me that I would sponsor a youth LULAC (League of United Latin America Citizens) council.  You can’t get any more democratic than this.  Refusal was not an option so I agreed.  Prior to that I had had no contact with LULAC.  Having succeeded in an Anglo world without any interference from anybody I was reluctant to join now.   That was to change and I would forever be a member of LULAC. 

Alberto Govea, the LULAC Youth Director set up a trip to the Galleria in Dallas.  This was the first time the kids had been out of the barrio.  The kids went crazy.  They were experiencing a new world they had never experienced before.  I started believing in LULAC.  I noticed that some kids would join LULAC and nothing else.  They became passionate about what they were doing.  They became proud of their heritage.  By taking them on field trips and LULAC conferences, Alberto opened the eyes of many children by exposing them to a new world. 

The FWISD has named schools after Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, Manuel Jara, and Rufino Mendoza.  The city has not named any streets after these leaders. Why does the city show so much disdain for it Mexican American citizens?  You could almost say that disdain is a part of the Fort Worth Way. 

Not voting has had a negative impact on our assimilation especially when voting is a way of life.  In politics, you count votes.  The more the better, the more reliable the better.  If you are not a reliable vote, you don’t count.  There are many Latinos out there that vote Republican.  Some even voted for Trump.  We are already a weak voting bloc.  By splitting the vote this way our political power is diluted.  Richard Gonzales wrote a good article on White Privilege published in the Star Telegram.  If you vote Republican and you think that this makes you part of the White Privilege crowd you need to wake up to reality.  White Privilege means that you are White.  There is no space for wannabees.  The question now is how do you overpower White Privilege?  The solution is simple.  Vote.  Vote in big numbers.  Vote for one party.  If everybody votes one party Democrat or Republican then we will have political power.  Then we will influence elections. 

If you are a professional there are many ways you can excel as a member of LULAC.  As State Director or National President, you wield considerable influence in the political sphere.  LULAC District 21 should have been leading the fight against SB4.  It was AWOL.  Yes, there were individual members of LULAC involved and there were some councils that got involved, but there was no unified effort by the District. 

Si Se Puede are hollow words if not preceded and followed by action.  It is time for the Latino community to get involved, and joining LULAC is a good start.  To influence next election and vote some people out of the city council we must start now.  We must set a good example to our children.  They know the value of LULAC so should adults.



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