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No 81

Q.B. Controversy in Big D;
Cowboys 24, Colts 19

The first few minutes of the Indie game looked like a real NFL offense playing a practice team squad. Dak and company marched down the field almost unopposed. It seemed as if the Indiana defense was thinking, “Why bother, these guys know what they are doing, and well we don’t”. I like what I see in Dez, last season he was coming back from an injury he is ready to go now. It was also good to see Witten out there, he still looks very Witten like.  As for the running game, right now and yes, we all know it is pre-season, whomever you put back there will gain yards. I do believe that this team can survive a few games without Zeek if need be.

Jerry Jones has called Rush a Gamer, someone that shines in games, as opposed to those that only look good in practice. Dak also likes what he sees in Rush, physical ability, hard worker and mental toughness. He feels that he has something to prove out there. That of course is because he is an undrafted free agent out of Central Michigan, and they normally do not make it in this league. Well of course unless you are Tony Romo and maybe a few others. As for Moore, he is often described as having the ability to run the offense exactly as it is in the playbook. Coach like he has been called and experienced, however that may be his ceiling, if you are coming off the bench in a do or die situation who do you want? That is something the Cowboy staff will need to decide. but I know for sure they cannot hide him on the practice squad. If he is not on the Cowboy’s 53-man roster at the start of season he will be on someone else’s. When a player is really good or really bad, word gets around quick, Rush likely already has a few suiters waiting with flowers in hand.

  As for Rush himself he says, “My number 1 goal is to make the 53-man roster, after that we will see”. He may improve his chances as he is moving up to second team this week. Next up, Oakland in what is customarily the dress rehearsal game, after that only one stinking pre-season game to go, I am ready!

By A. Govea



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Humpty Dumpty – Bad decisions can have dire consequences

We have all heard the nursery rhyme.  Something similar is happening in Fort Worth.  With the victory over the Anti-SB4 Forces, the mayor and city council can now bask in glory over their victory.  Of course, the five members that voted against joining the SB4 lawsuit must now engage in damage repair.  The backlash has been enormous.  Nothing that I recall has emboldened the community as much as this bad decision.  The mayor is scurrying as fast as she can trying to make amends with the Latino community.

To understand the decision, we must look back at recent history.  We recall during the presidential election where Trump called out Mexicans as rapists, thugs, criminals.  He may have meant Mexicans from Mexico however the average White Supremacist/Nationalist, KKK on the street took a much broader interpretation of what Mexican meant.  It included me an American born citizen of many generations.  Once the White Supremacists were convinced of the perceived threat from Mexicans, the attacks became relentless. 

Such was the case against Muslims.  I was at a line at a military service station.  In line was a young Muslim lady in traditional hajib.  A man in front of her turned around and when he saw her he flipped.  The guy went bonkers.  It is in this milieu that Muslims and Mexicans were thrust into when Trump got elected.  We were now the bull’s eye.  These displays of hate occurred in many parts of America, in public spaces and schools with students surrounding Latino students and chanting “Build that wall”.  All these attacks have now been legalized with SB4. 

Just like Trump, the mayor and the four council members showed a lack of sensitivity towards minorities.   There is a political reality that unites Americans of every ethnicity, Trump is kept alive by the 33% of White Supremacists/Nationalist and KKK that are his core base.  This group like Trump is not Republican.  The Republican Party itself is without an ideological home. 

If the mayor and the four council members that refuse to support the community they represent, then they have no business in city hall and it is up to us to remove them.  That is why we have elections.  In the aftermath of a bad decision the mayor is scurrying about taking photo ops with Latino children.  Of course, these are the same children that could be without parents as a result of SB4.  Disgusting.  The question for the mayor and her four amigos is, do they feel that there is a moral equivalency between the Neo-Nazi White Supremacists and peaceful demonstrators of United Fort Worth?  Is this the core base for the mayor and the four amigos?

For too many years politicians have operated under the premise that you could anger voters because they had a short memory and would not remember anything come election time.  That belief needs to be set aside.   It is not too late to vote for repeal.

When I was in Vietnam we had this saying, “America love it or leave it.”  Perhaps all Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist/Nationalist and anyone that carries secessionist signs or bumper stickers need to take the hint and find some deserted island somewhere where they can create their own perfect union.  Either that or join the rest of us that are trying to make America a better place to live.

Felix Alvarado



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