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El Weekender

No 86

Cowboy Report

This Team Sucks

That’s what I said to nobody after the 3rd quarter. This after the Rams had come back to score three times after the Cowboys inability to move the ball. They, the (Cowboys) had 13 plays and only managed to get 41 yards with just two first downs. This lead to the Rams taking the lead 29-24 after trailing 24-16 at halftime. Which would lead to them winning this game 35-30 on 7 field goals and 2 TDS, so you might say they got beat by the kicker. And, while it might be easy to blame the defense; that would be wrong, at least in my eyes.

Now, there is plenty of blame to go around and I will again have to blame the coaching staff, which I ripped against Denver and took back against Arizona. So, I guess I spoke too soon as it was apparent that one team (Rams) made half time adjustments, and the other team (Cowboys) did not have an answer. Of course, some coaches are fond of saying “We put in the game plan, but it’s up to players to execute”. And, of course there is some truth in that. Pero, (but) especially on the defensive side of the ball where you have a lot of inexperienced kids out. There, they need extra support. Rams running back ran for 121 yards and had 94 yards receiving, which gave a neat 200 yards for the day. Clearly there was no way to stop him, and Q.B. Jarred Goff was 21 of 36 for 255 yards. Not huge numbers, but he had no trouble with 3rd downs as the Cowboys did. Don’t’ get me wrong, I am not trying to lie this loss solely on the defense.

  No, in fact I will say that I believe the defense did enough to win this game. After all, if you can keep the other team to a bunch of field goals in the red zone, that is bend, but don’t’ break mode. Especially, when the offense cannot sustain a drive to save themselves, that wears a defense down. Which leads me to Dak and company, Dak is not the same Dak as last season now. His throws are just not on the money at times, now of course our (elite?) receiver Dez has had some unfortunate drops as well. And, if you remember, we were all promised now that we had a healthy Dez and more time with Dak, expect big things. Well, not so much at least so far, Zeke went for 85 yards rushing and 54 yards passing, and I think he could have gone for more.

Which leads me back to coaches. Clearly, the Cowboys are built on offense to be a running team, as it seems this (great?) line can’t’ pass protect. By the way, I am beginning to tire of hearing how great this line up is, as I am tired about the Art Work at the stadium. Well, the good news this week is we get back some defensive help, David Irving, Sean Lee, Anthony Hitchens, and possibly one or two others. The bad news is our next opponent is Green Bay. And, we all know how that ended in last season’s playoff game. Having said all that, I am not ready to give up on the season, Pero we better see lots of improvement or it could get ugly out there on Sunday, and the weeks to come.

By A. Govea


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