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El Weekender

No. 138

Kavanaugh’s Confirmation
Alfredo Sanchez

There are those who argue what happened 30+ years ago to Christine Blasey Ford is no longer relevant. The argument is, she should have brought up the attempted sexual assault a long time ago when the incident happened. Does this typeofreasoningalsoapplytothe100+ young men that were abused by priest over 30 years ago? Is sexual assault, that happened 30+ years ago, more relevant when it affects young men as opposed to young women. I heard one high ranking politician, on television state, it happened when they were teenagers. So is this politician staying that this type of behavior is acceptable among teenagers. Is attempting to rape a young woman acceptable as long as it was done when they were teenagers, or the young man was not successful. What if it was your daughter how would you feel then?

It is a relatively new phenomenon, young men coming out and stating that they were sexually abused/assaulted. These young men are seen as heroes. Women on the other hand, when they come out, they are looked upon not as heroines but as the ones who contributed to the incident; she wore provocative clothes, she was drinking, she kissed him, she went to his room, she was walking alone etc. It was her fault. In the creation story of Adam and Eve it
is Eve’s fault that original sin entered the world. Adam listened to lying Eve. Given the interpretation of the Adam and Eve story it is a given that women are considered to be liars and deceitful. From the very beginning in Christian society, it is the woman’s fault even though Adam should have stood up, before God, and said he was equally at fault. Adam, the weak man that he was, blamed Eve. Men have been blaming Eve/women ever since that story was misinterpreted. Men have been blaming women for their own short comings since this story was accepted into the Christian doctrine. As a result of this story, women have had to defend their character even when they have been attacked by sleazy men.
The Ford-Kavanaugh incident is a she said he said or he said she said incident. Some claim in this type incident the truth can’t be found. Who is telling the truth or how do we get at the truth? I am one of those individuals that believe if the truth is sought after it will come out. God and the Truth are one and no one can suppress God. The light of truth will make itself known even through the most minute craves. It is not that we cannot get at the truth It is that there are those who will not benefit from the truth and are fighting to repress the truth. Ms. Ford is calling for an FBI investigation. What is wrong with that? An investigation is a tool to get at the truth and who does not want to know the truth. Who better to conduct an investigation then the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This agency is trained to do investigation. If any agency knows how to conduct an investigation it is the FBI? Both parties are innocent until all the evidence is gathered and analyzed. The problem is that to many people are taking sides even before an investigation has been conducted.
Women and men are equal and no one’s word should be above the other. Women will be equal when they are listened to as equal and believed as equal. Based on what is transpiring in the Kavanaugh Confirmation a man’s word is more credible then a woman’s word. In the Clearance Thomas confirmation, a man’s word was elevated above a woman’s word. Things do not seem to have changed. This is what people of color face every day.



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