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No. 139

How Should I Vote?
Alfredo Sanchez

November is right around the corner and Texans will be going back to the voting booths to cast their vote. As a voter registrar I answer questions from first time voters. Questions I answer include but are not limited to: does it cost to register to vote, how often do I need to register, what does it cost to vote, who should I vote for, I do not know the candidates, so I prefer not to vote, my vote does not count etc.
As a voter we can not know all the issues that each candidate supports. It is a daunting task to know all the candidates and the issues. I look at party platforms and consider what the party stands for. Several issues that are important to me are public education, property taxes, government spending, smaller government, abortion, human rights, the environment just to name a few issues. I am not a one issue voter.
Public education:
I was educated, and my children were educated in the public-school system. Today Texas is spending less money per student then what they spent per student 10 years ago. Republicans have been in power in Texas now for several decades and have not fixed the funding for public schools. They support spending public money on private schools thus destroying our public-school system. Most of us received a public education and owe our success to public education. That is why republicans will not get my vote.
Property taxes:
Property taxes keep going up. A couple of years ago I spearheaded a push against a tax free in Denton, Texas. My opponents, who were republican, stated taxes would not increase because the increase in home construction would offset the tax freeze.
Guess what taxes have gone up and more people are homeless. Rents have gone up due to a tax shift on rental property. They understood taxes would increase but continued to lie to the voters about the outcome. There for republicans will not get my vote.
Government spending:
Government intrusion and spending continues to skyrocket even though republicans state they are for smaller government. Republicans continue to spend like drunken soldiers while cutting spending on education, transportation, public health etc. and that is why republicans will not get my vote.
Smaller Government:
A few years ago, Denton Citizens voted
to keep fracking out of the City of Denton. When the Texas legislature came into session they passed legislation that would prevent cities from acting on such issues. Republicans have not proved to me that they walk the talk. They say they believe in a smaller less intrusive government but have not demonstrated it. That is why republicans will not get my vote.
I am a Catholic and do not believe in abortion. I believe that if an abortion is being considered it should be between the individuals, their pastor, family etc. The government has nothing to do with such a private issue. God gave us a brain and he intended for us to use our brain not rely on political serpents with forked tongues to tells us what is right or wrong. Most of these political serpents have little to no morals. That is why republicans will not get my vote.
Human Rights and religious rights:
Who someone marries has nothing to do with me. Just like how many times someone gets married has nothing to do with me. Many republicans have an issue with gay marriage yet say nothing about how many times they get married and divorced. LGBT is found in all societies. In some societies they are accept more than others. Republicans in general dis- agree with gay marriage. I believe we do not choose who we are attracted to just like we do not choose to whom or where we will be born. Those decision were long known by God and who am I to question God. Republicans seem to think they know more about morality then God. That is why republicans will not get my vote
The Environment:
Republicans believe that man has dominion over the earth. That dominion includes destroying the earth for our immediate benefit without regard for future generations. Ihavebeenaroundover60yearsand have seen conservatives oppose environmental regulations of all sorts based on the increase cost. I have seen the destruction of our environmental prior to environmental regulations. It was progressives that looked to the future and saw what would happen if we continued to dismantle the earth for our immediate benefit. I side with those who use their God given brain to leave a better future for the next generation. That is why republicans will not get my vote.
Our vote should be based on what we see and analyze happening around us not based on what political snakes (forked tongued people) tell us is happening around us. These political snakes will spend millions of dollars to get us to vote against our own benefit. Their objective is to change our mind and vote for        their benefit. My question is are you going to listen to the brain God gave you or to the serpent that deceived Adam and Eve.



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