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No. 117

For Everthing There is a Season
Felix Avarado
May 11, 2018

Perhaps it is the season to be scared, skeptic, perplexed or frightened.
I am frightened by news reports that Trump Republicans have taken over the Republican Party and traditional Republicans have been driven out.  Trump’s America First, anti-immigration, Anti-NAFTA, anti-trade, isolationist, fake media, no collusion, witch hunt, rhetoric has taken hold across American.  People don’t care that he lies or has no moral character.  He is delivering on promises and that is all that matters.  It is “Build that wall”, “lock her up” and Congress obliges by trying to open committee investigation into the past.
Back in the 1700’s England had this trade policy called Mercantilism.  It was the British version of America First.  Like everything else it worked until countries found a way to get around it and eventually it faded into oblivion.  Out of Mercantilism were born several economic theories beginning with Adam Smith.  The traditional Republican Party was very much free trade.  In economics it is generally understood that no one gets all they want.  There is give and take, some make more, some make less.  It is called free trade.  If I have learned one thing from Republican s it is that you or we pay for everything.  There are no taxes that are not passed on to you.    A tariff is a tax and it will be passed on to you.
What made America different is that America undertook the role of leader of the free world.  The leadership role culminated in the fall of the Soviet Union, America’s sole military competitor.  American tax dollars rebuilt Europe, paid for a stalemate in Korea and got our rear whooped in Vietnam.  Today we are still in Afghanistan.  We did not learn from the French in Vietnam nor the Soviets in Afghanistan.  There was also in excursion into Iraq twice.  If you ever wonder why we have such a large federal budget deficit.  This is the reason.  Of course, politicians will tell you that the deficit is due to |entitlements” things like Social Security, Medicare, welfare, and all types of welfare programs.  And yes, Social Security has no money because politicians spent it.  Leadership has a high price.
That leaves us where we are today.  For someone that promised to “drain the swamp” is smells just as bad.  Trump seems to be in the direction of the Philippines, Venezuela, Russia and other authoritarian governments.  There is no democracy in those governments, just like there is no democracy in countries that have elections with predictable outcomes.  From a reliable source, one gentleman came out of the voting booth and boldly declared, “I voted for Trump.”  Another said, “I am not going to vote for no ****.”  To both gentlemen I would ask, “Is this what you voted for?”
America has gone through turbulent times.  I don’t believe it has ever gone through one such as this one where the chaos is driver from the top by one man, the president.  Trump has many followers.  It is going to take a massive amount of voting to overcome Trump’s advantage. It is time for the Democratic Party to align itself ideologically.  Without message from the left, Trump wins.
For God’s sake, vote!!!



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