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No 87

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Just Enough to Lose

We all remember how the season ended last year, a disappointing loss to Green Bay. So, unless you were kidding yourself, you half way expected this. I know I did, so who is to blame this time?

Some say the defense, some say poor clock management, which of course must be on the coaches. While most of those rings true, part of it also must include the G.M. and the decision not to spend a dime on the Defense. There were wholesale losses on the defense, with most decent players finding bigger paydays elsewhere. A loss that really shows up on run defense is McClain, as clearly this defense cannot stop the run. Of course, Sean Lee still out did not help matters (Thought he would be in), and while I had been pleased with Jaylon Smith productively for a couple of games, not so much anymore. David Irving had a good comeback game with 2 sacks, and Demarcus Lawrence continues to impress in this his contract year.

Pero, (But) we cannot count on the defense to win the game for this team, to win this team must score more with an eye on ball control. Dak had 3 TDS on 251 yards, Zeke rushed for 116 yards, and they had several drives of 5 minutes or more. And their last drive looked almost perfect, except for that throw into the end zone that stopped the clock. Dak then completed the drive with an 11-yard run that left about 1.20 on the clock. I’m’ sure you’ve’ heard some say he (Dak) should have stopped at the 1 before scoring to eat more clock. Which sounds good in theory, however no one is guaranteed a TD. no matter where the ball is placed. So, I say Dak did the right thing, if it’s there you take it. The game was not lost there, how about that pick 6 on the throw to Williams, well no doubt that hurt. Especially when your defense cannot get a turnover to save themselves.

Well we all know how this ended, we’ve’ seen this movie before, Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams with 11 seconds left for the game winning touchdown. As I wrote before no surprises here, and as hard it is to admit the truth is, this team is just not that good. At the start of the season I wrote that we would not repeat 13/3, however I did not think we would go back to 8/8. In fact, I thought we would still get into the playoffs. Now I am not so sure, Pero still time to right this ship, however not sure if we have the talent on defense to improve. The good news is they have two weeks to figure it out, and you can’t’ lose another one on a bye week.

By A. Govea



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