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El Weekender

No 87

A Good Catholic's Story

Back before I retired from Bell Helicopter I worked around a bunch of Protestants. They were always picking on me because of my being a Catholic. It was all fun pokes about my beliefs. They joked about the priest wearing robes, the bishop and his hat, statues of our Saints
and Christian martyrs. I always had a good comeback that ended in a mutual understanding. As a good Catholic, I always had an explanation for why we believe what we believe. In fact, they are backed up by the Bible and two thousand years of the same interpretation of Jesus’s teachings which the Apostles came to clearly understand after the Holy Spirt was sent to them by God to lead them. So, you can say we get the words about Jesus’s Church right from Jesus himself.

There have been many Theologians and Religious Scholars who have set out to disprove the Catholic Church. After studying all the facts, they wind up converting to Catholicism. Some of you Christian thinkers who are straddling the fence, and have questions about your Church’s teachings should join a Bible study group at your nearby Catholic Church. You can also get on the internet and check some of the sites that explain Catholic teaching. Better yet buy some of Scott Hahn’s books. He was one of those Theologians that set out to disprove the Catholic Church and wound up converting. He is now one of the greatest teachers and speakers on Scripture and how it relates to the Catholic faith. The information he shares in his lectures have been greatly effective in helping thousands of Protestants and fallen away Catholics to (re)embrace the Catholic faith. Yes, he is a Very Good Catholic.

Did you know if it wasn’t for the Catholic Church Europe never would have made it through the Dark Ages? Yet many people believe that the Catholic Church caused the Dark Ages, that my friends, is further from the truth. During the dark ages Europe kept getting invaded and conquered by the Visigoths, the Barbarians, Vandals and others who weren’t too keen on book learning. Well the Catholic Monks were the scholars of that period. The invaders left them alone because they lived out away from everyone. This allowed the Monks a continuous existence of their Christian life in the Catholic faith.

These Catholic Monks were hard working self-sufficient farmers, inventors and theologians. They maintained many written documents, which of course included the Bible. As educators of the world back then they also converted many of those conquerors and invaders. They were very good Catholics.

Did you know the practice of offering bread and wine to God as thanks was first done by God’s High Priest Melchizedec? That story is found in the Old Testament. The Catholic Priest does the same during Mass. It is the same ritual Jesus did during the Last Supper which is found in the New Testament. The Catholic Priest does this because that is what Jesus said for us to do. Good Catholics know this.

So, one morning at work the guys started up on me again about being Catholic. At that moment, I had a great thought. Here is what
I told them. “You know guys way back in early Europe everyone
was Catholic. One day the King of England Henry VII decided that because the Church could not let him have a marriage, annulment or divorce from his present wife he would just start his own Church and give himself one. And so, with that the protestant movement had begun. Many of the Europeans started leaving the Catholic Church and joining the King’s Church and other Christian denominations were started”.

As I continued to talk I looked them right in the eyes and said, “Well you know what I believe, I believe if those people who left the Catholic Church back then would have been “good” Catholics they would never have left the faith. So, you see you guys you Protestants, you all are just bad Catholics. You can all come back any time”. And with that statement they laughed and left me alone about my faith.

Your Friend in Christ,

Joe M. Govea, a devout Catholic whose duty is to evangelize



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