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El Weekender

No 89

Will the
Cowboys Make
the Playoffs?

The short answer, (gun to my head) No. But wait they just beat the 49ers 40 to 10, Zeke rushed for 147 yards and caught a 72-yard T.D. pass for a touchdown Dez tied Bob Hayes for T.D. receptions, Dak also had another great game. In fact, the whole offensive line looked the best it has all season. They really looked like the offense of 2016, that was kicking A** and taking names.

Pero (but) this was against the niners that had not won a game all season with a rookie Q.B. making his first start. Of course, you say but the niners had been all their games this season and this was their only blowout loss. All true but this still only gets the cow- boys to 500 3/3 with Philly appearing to be running away with the NFC east. They just beat Washington which really looked like a team that had their arrow pointing up. Philly Q.B. Carson Wentz looks like the real deal with all the physical tools and the mental toughness to match. And maybe most impressive is their defense that appears to have real talent to spare.

And therein lies the Cowboy hiccup, the Cowboys do not. First the good news Damarcus Lawrence is on fire and now with David Irving they are getting close to thunder and lighting. They have 12.5 sacks between them and pressures galore. No doubt this helps the secondary, that lost Brandon Carr and Barry Church to trades. Byron Jones and Anthony Brown have had mixed success back there, Sean Lee came back from injury against the niners but was clearly not 100%. Which makes me think he may not last the season. Jaylon Smith had perhaps his best game of the season, Pero, come on now can we really count on that to continue? Probably not and if you are a Cowboy you know full well how are secondary has been torched especially when we need crucial stops.

So, unless we can hang half a hundred on every team we play (as Barry Switzer used to say) the answer again sad to say is No. That is not say that the Cowboys cannot go on a run and yes, some teams can fall apart with injuries (A-La Green Bay). Pero the rest of
the schedule has Washington twice, Eagles twice, Kansas City, Atlanta (which is having problems of their own) Oakland. Left on the schedule is still the Chargers which initially looked like a W but they just beat Denver. With all this in mind don’t’ expect to watch the Cowboys in the Super Bowl, you may need
to settle for a warm bowl of Menudo instead. All this may seem like I am giving up on the season but I’m’ not, cause not matter what they still have to play the games and “On any given Sunday”

By A. Govea


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