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El Weekender

No 90

Cowboys Win – Jerry Jones Loses

First Jerry what the h*** is wrong with you (I want to say Old Man but I’m kinda one myself). On the national anthem debate he has continued to fuel the fire by saying needless s*** like “if you don’t’ stand you don’t play”. This after Jerry had already done their little horse and pony show when him, players, coaches and some of his grown children all took a knee together before the anthem. Now that (as of this writing) his star running back Zeke has been again ordered to serve a six-game suspension, he is screaming bloody murder.

He (Jerry) is acting as Zeke is little Red Riding Hood and the NFL is the big bad wolf that is unfairly attacking his running back. He claims that the NFL is over reacting on Zeke because of past mistakes on domestic violence issues. And maybe there is some truth to that Pero (but) Zeke is neither Red Riding Hood, or a choir boy. Unless we have already forgotten, with the NFL charges pending he still went out and pulled a female’s blouse up at Saint Paddy’s parade, punched a bartender, clocked at speeds of over 100, and probably more stuff we don’t’ know. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Zeke fan and would like for him to continue churning out 150-yard rushing performances, but right is right and wrong is wrong even if you are an NFL superstar.

  Many including Jerry and company like to hang their hat on the fact that the Ohio State police department did not formally charge him does not make him innocent. They claimed there was not enough evidence, maybe that is true but when you look at the mess at Baylor you wonder how closely college town police investigate their local hometown heroes. And, it is not like Jerry Jones is some Justice Crusader because if he is, he needs to expand his work beyond the Dallas Cowboys. No, Jerry is just concerned about the success of his team and the money that goes with it. And hey no problem there, just don’t’ pretend to take the moral high ground on what is justice and the anthem. Nobody is buying it from you or POTUS.

The Game

The game started with a loud thud from a Zeke fumble, which caused me to say to no one, “Here we go, typical Cowboy-Washington game”. That fumble turned into 3 points for the Washington offense, whom struggled all day with a line that was missing 3 starters. The Cowboy defense took advantage of that with sacks, tipped balls, fumbles and hurries. Demarcus Lawrence and David Irving are clearly making the rest of the defense better with their relentless pressure on the Quarterback. If this continues they may make me eat my words (no playoffs) and that’s ok everything goes down well with Chili E Queso.

Will the Cowboys be a different team going forward without Zeke? Well he leaves (at least for a while) with 690 rushing yards and 210 receiving yards plus 8 TDS. Can Morris, McFadden and or Smith fill that hole, I say yes. However, my concern is that the offensive line just started jelling together and I am not sure if changing runners will affect their cohesiveness. I do think that Dak may need to do a little more running and a little more passing, but I believe he is up to the task. Next up the Chiefs, which will give us a better idea of where the Cowboys are now.

By A. Govea


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The Confederate Soldier Statue
in Denton (Part 1)

It was back in 1999 when Willie Hudspeth, seeing the confederate statue at the Denton Down Town Square for the umpteenth time, decided he wanted to do something about it. He pressed the Denton Historical Commission to get the water fountains operational like they once were when only whites could drink from these two fountains.

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Young Lions of the
Texas Chicano movement

If you were a Mexican American in Texas in the 50’s and 60’s your economic situation was desperate. You did not have to go to California to see how bad things were, all you had to do was look around you. The agricultural workers in the Rio Grande Valley were paid less than the workers in California. The plight of the poor Mexican American of Texas was clearly visible. Exhibit A for a decrepit barrio was the historical West Side of San Antonio.

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Cuba: A hugging land

Somebody said that Cubans are “smiling face Indians” . And he was right. It’s very difficult to erase the smile on a Cuban’s face. Our passion for life keep’s us from getting the discouraged.

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Astros Win – Fans Fume

The fans that were not happy were not the Astros fans of course, as you might expect they were besides themselves with joy and excitement. However here in D/FW most Ranger fans were not happy for their cross state rivals. After listening to local talk radio, it is very apparent that there was not any Texas pride in the Houston win felt around here. In fact, most were mad at a local Omni Hotel for putting up Astro colors and offering up congrats. Some even made the comparison of being happy for an Eagles Super Bowl win just because they are in the NFC. I myself think those two completely different things.

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