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El Weekender

No 90

Astros Win – Fans Fume

The fans that were not happy were not the Astros fans of course, as you might expect they were besides themselves with joy and excitement. However here in D/FW most Ranger fans were not happy for their cross state rivals.

After listening to local talk radio, it is very apparent that there was not any Texas pride in the Houston win felt around here. In fact, most were mad at a local Omni Hotel for putting up Astro colors and offering up congrats. Some even made the comparison of being happy for an Eagles Super Bowl win just because they are in the NFC. I myself think those two completely different things.

Pero (but) I cannot call myself a Ranger Fan or for that matter a real Mavericks fan, sure I want the local teams to win. But, my fanhood (if that is a word) for those teams are nowhere my loyalty to the Cowboys. And I am not a band Waggoner just cause a local team is doing good does not mean I will suddenly become a super fan. The reality for me both baseball and basketball’s seasons are too long so I really do not follow till the playoffs:

So, I say all that to say that I am happy for the Astros for at least a few reasons.

  • Number one the hurricane, many people in that area are still facing numerous challenges and if this win gives a little joy and hope so be it.
  • Second, they had never won one in their whole 55-year history,
  • 3rd I’ve’ got family there so I am happy for them.
  • Last, I really think they deserved to win.

This World series will go down in the history books as one of the most exciting series ever and I certainly would agree. Although with full disclosure I cannot claim to have watched every game, but what I did watch was full of sports drama. There were record home runs, blown leads, Ace pitchers brought down a notch. And just to add a little icing on the cake there was also claims of racial discourse. I believe it was the fourth game of the series (but don’t’ hold me to it) Yuli Gurriel after coming back to the bench made a slanted eye hand gesture directed at former Ranger Yu Darvish. That I agree was not cool, Pero then he said (Chinto) and that characterized as a racial slur. If I had a dollar for every time I heard people making fun of Latino players English, I would have enough to take off the rest of the year. And how many times have you heard someone call a Latino a (Mexicanto) my answer a bunch. Yuli earned a 5-game suspension for his mistake, I think that is too much. Especially when you consider that in the NFL (last Cowboy opponent) you have a team call named the Redskins. A name I refuse to use, then you have both some Indians and Braves fans doing something they call the tomahawk chop. I’m’ just saying.

Enough of that, congratulations to the Astros and to their long-suffering fans that were just four years were considered the laughing stock of major league baseball. Astros Win 5 to 1!

By A. Govea



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