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El Weekender

No 90

Big Mouth


“Big Mouth”, is an animated NETFLIX original series. While it is an animated comedy, it is certainly not suitable for children. In fact, the extreme explicit content could be too much for even adults to handle. But, if you are open to crass, blunt humor and often obscene images you will enjoy Nick Kroll’s (Kroll Show, The League) newest creation, “Big Mouth”.

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney immediately teleport you to a not so nostalgic transition from an innocent child, to an awkward and confused teenager. It is quite shocking to see such vulgarity from a child’s point of view, but some would say that is the advantage of being a cartoon. To make matters worse Andrew Glouberman (John Mulaney), has an absurdly obnoxious “Hormone Monster” relentlessly reminding him of his current puberty crisis. Luckily for Andrew, he has Nick Birch (Nick Kroll) to help him through the most embarrassing situations.

“Big Mouth”, has a remarkable cast including, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolf, Jordan Peele and even features Kat Dennings.  However, Nick Kroll really showcases his array of talent as he voices 12 different characters throughout the first season of the series. This hilarious animated show is about the wonders of becoming a pre- teen, but the sidesplitting dialogue and musical numbers make you forget about the worries and stresses of being an adult.



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