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El Weekender

No 91

Dallas Cowboys Beats Chiefs
Is Doomsday Back

Way back in the 19th century, probably in the 70s the Cowboys had a Defense that was feared around the NFL. They had speed, power and did not shy away from contact, in fact they liked it, some of the names included Bob Lilly, Chuck Howley and Lee Roy Jordan. And, when they came for you it was Doomsday. It was so much fun to watch that as a young man, I was more glued to the TV when they were on Defense than on offense.

Ok, I am not saying that the current defense is a reincarnation of the original Doomsday, but I will say they may make me eat my words. I basically wrote that the Cowboys would not make the playoffs, and that it would be because of the Dallas D. Pero, (but) the Defense has 11 sacks in the last 3 weeks, held the opposition to 73 yards rushing or less, 7 turnovers in the last three games. Against the Chiefs they held one of the highest scoring teams in the NFL to 17 points, and could have been 10 if not for a halftime hiccup. In fact, Jeff Heath gave K.C. Q.B. Smith his first interception of the season and he (Smith) gave Taco his first sack in his rookie year. David Irving also had a sack and D. Lawrence was a force to be reckoned with. Shun Lee continues to be a difference maker in stopping the run and beyond.

On offense Zeke had another good game, but was held to under 100 yards (93) Terrance Williams had big day with 141 yards receiving, Dez had 73. Dak went 21 of 33 for 249 yards and 1 T.D. run, another workman like performance for him. The Cowboys 28-17 win against the Chiefs is, I believe the best team win of the season against a quality opponent. However, towards the end of the game they suffered some injuries on offense to key players. Dez, Williams and Tyrone Smith went out with injuries which of this writing are not considered serious. As for the Zeke saga of will he or won’t he play it is a toss-up again, so stay tuned to your favorite sports source to get the latest.

Finally, Romo was honored with a touching tribute before the game and he did a good job calling the game. I only heard him say “We” once when referencing a Cowboy offensive play. As for Jerry, he and Papa John’s Pizza seem to be in cahoots in stirring up more trouble in the National Anthem debate (that does not need to be a debate), just dumb. Next up a trip to Atlanta with last year’s NFC champs that may be playing a win or die game to save their season that is 4/4.

By A. Govea


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Heaven on Earth, I get it!

My Catholic friends here I come with my evangelization on how to be better a Catholic. Only this time it’s about getting into the character of what is about to hap- pen when you go to Mass. As soon you step into the Church structure and Bless your- self with Holy Water and make the sign of the Cross on yourself your mood should change into a solemn joyous anticipation that you are about to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit. You are about to take part in a Holy ceremony instituted by Jesus Christ.

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Big Mouth

“Big Mouth”, is an animated NETFLIX original series. While it is an animated comedy, it is certainly not suitable for children. In fact, the extreme explicit content could be too much for even adults to handle. But, if you are open to crass, blunt humor and often obscene images you will enjoy Nick Kroll’s (Kroll Show, The League) newest creation, “Big Mouth”.

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We are sponsoring contest to celebrate the 100th issue of el weekender. Contest is whoever refers the most subscribers wins a dinner for 4 and second place is a dinner for 2.

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