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El Weekender

No 92

Is Jason Blind or Just dumb;
Cowboys 7—Falcons 27

Jerry Jones says a lot of stupid things, but for the most part it has no real effect on the players. His feud with the commissioner and NFL compensation committee is just one more thing to listen to, and maybe just laugh at. However, when the head coach decides that the starting Q.B. must stay in till the end of a game that was basically over at the start of the 4th quarter. You must ask, are you blind or just dumb?

Dak had already suffered 8 sacks by the end of the game and he was still in there, Por que (Why?). And to make matters worse, he (Jason) was still calling for time outs with 4 minutes left. When asked about this in his press conference he said, “We play for 60 minutes no matter the score” Maybe that is true for back up Q.B.S as he was, but not for a franchise Quarterback. There is nothing to be gained when you know it’s over, even hands of stone Roberto Duran (legendary boxer) knew when to say NO Mas (No More). And to think Jason was once called the “Boy Wonder” at the start of his coaching career. In fact, there were many teams that were trying for his coaching services. And, if this was his only mistake, maybe we could give him this one. But, in the past he has been terrible with clock management. Oh and remember the icing his own kicker incident? There is more, and hey I don’t’ pretend to know it all, but I am not the head coach of a once hallowed and proud franchise. I am truly concerned about Jason’s ability to right this ship and not just this season, but for the foreseeable future.

Especially when he and the defensive coach could not find a way to help Tyron Smith’s replacement at left tackle. The next man up may sound good, but you don’t replace an All Pro left tackle with a “just a dude”, again next man up sounds good but Get Real! One thing is trying to replace Zeke with a group of Vatos that have at least shown something at times. It is a completely different story when you are trying to replace someone who is responsible for 60% of, if not more of your play calling. But hey, I know just like starting Q.B.S are not growing on trees. I know All Pro left tackles are not either, and Chez Green will never be one.

  As for the defense, last week I asked is this the return of the Dooms Day Defense. Well, know we all now know the answer. Without Sean Lee, their team captain they also looked like a bunch of dudes that could not stop anyone. It was an embarrassing team loss, just like last week was a total team win. Next the hated 8 and 1 Eagles, I am almost afraid to watch, but having said that; it would not surprise me if they pulled off a fluke win. Let’s just hope Jason “Does not get anybody killed in the process’, as he is so fond of saying. All the promise of a new season is beginning to fade fast, and the reality of another long off season is beginning to creep into my mind. However, a wild card berth is not yet totally out of the question, Pero?

By A.Govea


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