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Sargent Pepper, 1967- Y Los Oscars
March 1, 2018

The picture above is of my SGT Pepper’s Lonely-Hearts Club Band 8 Track Cartridge, they were supposed to be better than vinyl LPS. (They weren’t) This was before cassette tapes, and the CD, now you just download your music. I am also the proud owner of the Meet the Beatles 1964 8 track released in 1964. Are they worth anything? Probably not, but they help tell this story. SGT. Peppers turns 50 this week, so this caused me to look back at 1967; The President was Lyndon B. Johnson AKA LBJ. The Vietnam War was growing, and so were the protests, (One of the chants was Hey LBJ how many have you killed today?). The price of gas was .33 cents a gallon, a new car might set you back $2,750.00, an Average home cost $14,250.00. Rent was an average of $125.00 per month, Wages averaged $7.300.00 per year, and the minimum wage was just raised to $1.40 an hour. Some of the new movies out that year were Bonny & Clyde, Cool Hand Luke, and the blockbuster movie for that year was The Graduate starring a very young Dustin Hoffman. On TV you might catch The Fugitive, or the “Beatles inspired” made for TV show The Monkeys. SGT Pepper featured many of my personal favorites; A Little Help from My Friends, For the Benefit of Mr. Kite, Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds and many other great songs. But, the one that really hits a cord with me now is When I’m 64. Which, at the time of the original release seemed as likely to me to turn that age as the possibility of going to Mars. It still holds up, but I don’t’ have an 8-track player anymore, it went the way of the car record player, which was a great way to ruin an album. Oh, well there is Pandora.
The Oscars this Sunday on ABC 7.00PM is always a must-see TV for me and my wife. And, if you are subscriber to El Weekender, you know I try to review all the best Pic nominees. This year I have gotten to 7 out of 9, which I detailed in the last few weeks. Phantom Thread (Is 7 of 9) which is about London’s fashion world in the 1950s. Daniel Day Lewis is a star couturier, a devout bachelor who has lots of crazy rules about work, and life. He lives with his sister, and together they run their dress business, she also tries to help him manage his complicated life. All is routine for him in a weird way, until he falls for a waitress that is very much his junior. He falls in love with her and decides to marry her. A decision he immediately regrets. However, she (Alma) played by Vicky Krieps does not give up easily, and she finally finds a way to keep him in the marriage. If you are into romantic dramas you may enjoy this flick, as for me not so much. It has garnered 6 Oscar nominations, including the big one for best picture. I give ** stars out of 5.
I missed screening The Shape of Water which I understand is also a little weird- in an artsy type of way. There is sea creature, and a mute woman whom falls in love with it. Yea, sounds very weird but this movie is the odds-on favorite to win Best Picture, and a bunch of other awards. The other movie I missed was Call Me by Your Name, it revolves around a 17-year-old American- Italian in northern Italy in 1983 and an older American that becomes his first love interest. The movie which has won critical acclaim is not for me, so I will pass on this, but still hoping to catch Shape of Water before Sunday. Right now, my pick for best picture that I saw Con Mis Ojos (with my eyes) is Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri. It has high anxiety, and at times very tense emotion. Along with great performances by Francis McDormand, he has already won the Golden Globe, and of course Woody Harrelson is great as usual. Pero (but) I am rarely right, so don’t bet the house on my call.

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