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The Border Wall
By MarĂ­a Flores

Before President Donald Trump became president his platform for the presidential candidacy was an anti-immigrant policy with the main theme of deporting illegals within the United States and building a Wall on the southern border. Already in the presidential contest, he said that Mexicans were rapists, thieves and murderers who only brought drugs and crime to the United States,
Donald Trump himself recited on several occasions that the Mexican government would pay in full the cost for the construction of the wall, and that said construction would stop the illegal immigration and drug trafficking that enters US territory. What I do not consider Trump himself is that the border that Mexico shares with the United States is 1954 miles and that Senate leader Mitch McDonnell himself mentioned that the construction of the wall would cost between twelve thousand and fifteen billion dollars approximately.
President Donald Trump has less than 40% approval among the Americans and an anti-immigrant policy. The cost of the wall will be paid with the money of the Americans and even then, it is estimated that with the construction of the wall the traffic of drugs, human and illegal immigration will not stop.
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Nuestra Voz
Febuary 2018



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