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2018 Best Picture Nominees
A. Govea

We have all heard of the Sleeping Giant.  You do know that political pundits and experts, and many not so experts mean us.  You and me.  For lack of a better name like Mexican Americans, they call us Latinos.  Those that claim to have some sort of Spanish background.  You also know that the world turns on its axis every 24 hours.  Just because the giant sleeps does not mean that the world stops turning, it keeps going round and round. 
Let’s see what happened while the giant slept.  Once is a while the giant gets kicked.  Just to make sure he is still asleep.  Let’s see what the giant slept through.  There is the issue of a high infant mortality rate in zip code 76164.  This is a political problem.  Going back several years, when you look at a local politician you can ask them what they did to bring urgently needed medical support to the Northside.  When you take a ride on the bike trails think of how many babies could have been saved with this money.  There is infrastructure that is necessary and there is infrastructure that is frivolous.  Bike trails are frivolous.
There was this thing about Sanctuary Cities.  Supposedly, the reason for the ban on sanctuary cities is crime.  Yet, the killings in Nevada, California, Florida, Colorado and other places were not committed in places that have a high concentration of Latinos. These killings were committed by criminals that had easy access to guns, thanks to Christian, Conservative Republicans that oppose any kind of gun control.  If MS13 is a criminal vicious gang, what about the Hells Angels and countless other gangs that kill people.  Crime is not a Latino problem, it is an American problem.  Sanctuary cities target a specific part of the population and that is close to being discriminatory. 
SB4 also known as show me your papers bill also targets a specific part of the population.  Like us that look Mexican.  I visited Baird a little town not far from here part of my Mexican North Texas Project.  I was going to the museum when I noticed a marker.  It was a historical marker to honor Texans that fought for the confederacy.  The biggest surprise was that it was erected by the State of Texas in 1963.  Just as the civil right movement was gaining steam.  My thought is that the State of Texas wanted to keep the memory alive.  But in Baird!!!! 
My problem is SB4 is that just like that marker still stands at Baird, too many people still carry that grudge.  If they did not I would not see confederate flags all over the place.  Baird is not the only small town that has confederate memorabilia.  Some more elaborate than another.  Millsap has a monument to over 40 confederate soldiers.  Millsap was not even around during the civil war.  As an action item I thought that perhaps we need to focus away from removing confederate statutes and teaching about them.  We know that most were installed as symbols of racism.  You could not replace them all in two generations.  What we need to teach is that the real reason they are there is to show who got their butt kicked.  Simple.
287g.  There is a guy somewhere in the US that has my exact name and was born the same year and day that I was.  With a handful of Spanish last names so populous errors are going to occur.  Who is going to pay for these errors, politicians that passed the law?  We can go back several years to several laws that have devastated our community. 
Public Schools.  Can you compare your school district to Southlake or Highland Park?  Can you count the number of temporary buildings they use?  Look at any of your local schools and count them.  How much do you know about the quality of education your children are receiving?  Or do you believe everything your politician tells you?
Elections are starting.  Is the sleeping giant continue to snore through this election also?  A lot of money is being pumped into this election to keep conservatives in power.  If you are like me your mailbox is filled with political ads, bragging about sanctuary cities, guns, anti-abortion completely, you tell me what these two issues have to do with education, job skills training, how do they make life better for us, what do they have to do with providing a future for your children?  You tell me. 
Do you part.  Vote to vote them out office.  There is no place for hypocrite conservatives.  How can anyone say that a dead fetus is more important than the life of a mother?  How can anyone be pro-gun and allow criminals to buy more guns, so they can kill more people.  How can anyone support dividing a family just because the parents are undocumented.  You must talk to ALL your family, friends and neighbors.  Ultimately, you are responsible for improving voter turnout.  YOU!!!!
Are there Latinos out there that are setting a good example for their community.  I can think of two.

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