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Jesse Gonzales with KNON (A Profile)
A. Govea

Alberto; Why did you decide on a career in Radio and why KNON?
Jesse; I’ve always enjoyed entertaining people since I was young, and I’ve always been a huge fan of music. In radio, I get both. I tried a couple of corporate radio stations and they really restrict what you can play and your connection with the audience is limited. KNON has always given me the creative freedom and the ability to play what my heart desires. With that, being said I have a chance to connect with my listeners and appreciate the platform in its full capacity. I grew up listening to KNON so when I had the opportunity in 2012 to come back to KNON I jumped at the chance.

Alberto; What does KNON offer both you and the public that keeps you there and motivated?
Jesse; KNON offers me many opportunities. It gives me the chance to learn something new on almost a daily basis. I also get to do what I love, and that’s play music. I get to meet many folks in the community and work with many people. As for what it offers our community, I feel it offers a channel they can tune into and listen to the music they know and love, stuff they know other stations won’t play. It offers benefits with low ticket cost, so people can get a great show at low cost to them. It offers the opportunity to meet other people in their neighborhoods. It also offers our youngsters a place where they can come in and showcase their skills in many parts of the music industry. As for keeping me motivated it doesn’t take much. When a benefit is enjoyed by a supporter or a song reaches a listener and makes that day, that’s enough motivation for me.
Alberto; What are the demographics of you listener and give me an example of the average listener?
Jesse; KNON has a huge range of listeners. On the Latin format it can range from a Tejano lover to a Hip Hop head, to a Bachatero (if that’s a word) to folks that jam Corrido‘s. We play everything that our community listens to. As for average listeners, I would say its Tejano listeners and the Hip Hop lovers.

Alberto; What are some the big events that you have planned for 2018;
Jesse; For this year we plan to continue with our signature events such as Latin Energy Festival, Gumbo Party, Dj Explosion’s, Toy Drive, Club Concerts and more.
Alberto; In your opinion why is they’re not a commercial broadcast Tejano station in D/FW?
Jesse; It’s not a commercially viable format. 


Alberto; Any New Year’s resolutions for you and or station?
Jesse; To keep pushing to make KNON stronger and more visible in the DFW area. Keep growing our audience and to keep giving our listeners what they’re asking for.
Alberto; Would you like to invite our readers to try KNON?
Jesse; Yes. They can Listen at 89.3Fm. They can also listen at If they would like to listen to a previously recorded show they can do that as well at

Alberto; closing Remarks
Jesse; Thanks for the opportunity and continue being awesome!

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