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Star Man
Denise G. Jimenez

Luis Elizondo, a 22-year Department of Defense Veteran has certainly had a productive life, to say the least. During Elizondo’s career, he has been a senior career intelligence officer who has worked for the Army, The National Counterintelligence as Executive, and the National Intelligence as Director. While those are some impressive titles –they are not the most intriguing; as he was also former Director of Programs to study, Unidentified Aerial Threats for the Office of the Secretary of Defense for a decade. That’s right, Elizondo studied UFO’s for the US government.
            The Pentagon confirmed there was in –fact a project designed to investigate, “anomalous aerospace threats”. This program was officially introduced in 2007, and was suspended in 2012, costing the US government- 22 million dollars. That is a lot of female deer considering that in 1969, the US military stated there was no reason to research UFO’s. Much of the funding went to billionaire, Robert Bigelow’s aerospace research company. An aboveboard company, as they are currently creating an expandable spacecraft for humans- designed for NASA.  
            This exciting program was spearheaded by Democratic Senator Harry Reid of Nevada. He felt it was important to study these flying “objects” without bias or stigmatism on this commonly disregarded subject. While some naysayers may believe this project was a dark spot on Senator Reid’s career, he defended his actions, “I’m not embarrassed or ashamed or sorry I got this thing going,” Mr. Reid stated in his latest interview in Nevada. “... I’ve done something that no one has done before.” But did Reid get what he wanted out of the research? You may be afraid of the answer.

“Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program”
December 20, 2017/DEC. 16, 2017

“The government admits it studies UFOs. So about those Area 51 conspiracy theories …”
By Cleve R. Wootson Jr.
 December 18, 2017/ December 20, 2017

“Head of Pentagon’s secret ‘UFO’ office sought to make evidence public”
By Joby Warrick
December 16, 2017/ December 20, 2017

 “Fmr. Manager of DOD Aerospace Threat Program: “UFOs are Real”
Leslie Kean, Contributor
Investigative Journalist and Author
10/11/2017/ 12/20/2017

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