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The beneficiares of DACA do not give up!
Por Brígida Sánchez

Most "dreamers" do not give up, they fight for a permanent solution that benefits thousands of young people with permission and temporary social security. Many have gone peacefully to the streets to protest, they even send letters to Congress and have even gone on hunger strikes. The battle of the young dreamers continues stronger than ever even after the announcement of President Donald Trump on September 5, 2017, when he decided to end the program.

What will be the end result? It is the million-dollar question. Although the honorable federal judge William Alsup blocked the president's decision on January 9, 2018, we do not know how long the anguish of an immediate solution will last. There has been some relief since those who are protected by the program will be able to continue renewing but those who never applied will NOT be able to send an application to request a two-year permit as they will be rejected. There are thousands of dreams at stake, children who came to this country in making it their home. --Program created through an executive decision of former President Obama. This young people are providing immensely economically to the United States creating new jobs, buying houses, paying taxes and much more...

The important thing is to keep fighting together with the dreamers are not alone. Multi-million dollar companies like APPLE, AMAZON, FACEBOOK and many more support all these young people. "The voice is vote", if everyone contributes a grain of sand it will be easier to be heard. The enthusiasm has been seen every day and will continue to be seen on social networks such as: hashtags, Facebook and twitter sharing and much more. Many newspapers, television programs have also been given the task of contributing a grain of sand to defend all those immigrants who might be affected by President Trump's decision to eliminate DACA. You too can join this good cause! #WeareallDREAMERS.

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