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Now is the Best Time to Learn about LinkedIn and Social Media
Kim Olguin

Technology is always changing. Many say that technology is advancing much faster than mankind is able to keep up with. About 20-30 years back, the public was struggling to comprehend what a computer was and how to use its programs. However, the struggle never ended with the programs changing continuously and new mechanisms constantly being released into the market. Now, we have social media mixed in with this.
It is not easy to escape social media and continue functioning in our world. Especially, now that the internet is more accessible in every country. Every young person is using it and the professionals have to know how to use it with business and the internet.
In the past, those that didn’t want to learn the new technology got left behind. Meanwhile, those that had the new abilities kept on moving forward ahead of them. It was a hard lesson to learn and this went down in history.
For this reason, it is very important to keep educating yourself with technology and to comprehend social media. Now, the Workforce Solutions is offering free classes teaching how to use LinkedIn and other social media in the professional world.
The new class on LinkedIn and social media is part of a new program with participating Workforce Solutions offices. If you would like to learn how to use social media or LinkedIn, you should check out which Workforce Solutions offers the class closest to you.

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