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No. 130


Domestic Enemies
Alfredo Sanchez
Week Ending August 19th

No nation in the past or future is immune from domestic enemies, read it in history. The United States of America as it took its first steps toward independence found itself facing domestic enemies, they were called the conservatives. This group of conservative colonists were happy living under the Crown of England and they did their best to continue that relationship by opposing patriots (liberals and progressives) who had a much different vision. The vision was to create their own nation. In the end we know that the patriots, believing in their destiny and God, were successful in defeating England and the conservative colonist that sided with England.
The Second time domestic enemies reared their ugly head resulted in the American Civil War. Here the domestic enemy was the Southern Democrats, southern conservatives, who believed it was their destiny and Will of God for them to succeed from the United States of America in order to continue their wicked way of life that depended on slavery for their livelihood. It was patriots, Republican Part (progressives and liberals) aligned with God’s blessing, who stood against the democratic conservatives, domestic enemy, slave owners and defeated them. Giving rise to the Greatest Country this earth has seen to date. Today the United States if America is under assault again by the conservatives this time known as the Republican Party. This Republican Conservative Party like the predecessor the Democratic Party wrap themselves in God, morals, will of God, American constitution, patriotism, etc. when in reality they are the enemy of democratic society. In reality, like all previous domestic enemies they aspire to nothing other than personal gain.
We hear today these republican’s conservatives stand and defend the Second Amendment. They argue that there should be no restrictions to fire arms in the event our government goes rouge and fails to follow the constitution. Today we have a president that has gone rouge and is demonizing our European allies while praising our enemies. Russia has gone as far as meddle in our domestic elections and not a word from conservative republicans who supposedly love this country. The President has gone as far as to demonize Government Agencies that are here to protect us and not a word from conservatives. By keeping quiet and refusing to participate in an investigation of both the President and election meddling conservatives are giving aid to the enemy just like they did in the American Revolution and American Civil War. History does repeat itself and again Patriots (liberals and progressives) must come together to aid their country. I would like to suggest a patriot rally on Denton Square. Anyone interested give me a call. It is time we affirm our love of this Nation and willingness to defend from domestic enemies. “Don’t ask wat your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”, - John F. Kennedy. Theodore Roosevelt, “Patriotism means to stand with the Country. It does not mean to stand with the president”.



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