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No. 160


Socialism is not the Cause
Felix Alvarado
Week Ending March 17th

We look at Venezuela, all the disarray and all the chaos and immediately Socialism is blamed for the political mess. Yet. It was not Socialism that created the mess. Hugo Chavez got elected by appealing to the downtrodden the poor, uneducated, unemployed, those with nothing to lose. We might think that such a group of people do not exist in America. I spoke to a gentleman from Arkansas. His description of Northern Arkans an fit the description of those that voted for Chavez. He explained that most these folks never show up to vote. They did however show up to vote when liquor was on the ballot that is making the county wet. There are similarities between those that voted for Chavez and those that voted for Trump. Chavez got elected by promising free or almost free. He disassembled the congress and the courts. Basically, he got rid of all opposition so he could get all he wanted.
Trump declared a national emergency along the Mexican border because of various reasons which under scrutiny are not more than falsehoods. The law that he is using is very broad and does not place limits on what the president can do. In interpreting the law, one must use common sense to arrive at an interpretation of the law. He cannot hide his motive for declaring the emergency, he is trying to appease his base because he promised to build a wall along the Mexican border. He also stated that Mexico would pay for the wall. By declaring a national emergency, he can use funds that have been allocated by congress for other projects. In doing so he has us usurped that legislative power of the congress.
The humanitarian crisis is not on the US side of the border. It is on the Mexican side of the border where thousands of migrants from Central America have assembled. Someone is paying to deliver these migrants to the southern border. Someone is trying successfully to destabilize America. This is the real crisis, yet it is being ignored. When is someone going to do something about this?
Given the conservative leaning of the Supreme Court it is no longer an un- biased body. You can expect the Supreme Court to support Trump. There are five members that are Strict Constructionist, they believe that the constitution should be interpreted as written. For example, the saying “the brown cow jumped over the moon” means exactly that. The cow cannot go under the moon, the cow cannot trip be- fore it jumps, and it has to be brown.
What happened in Venezuela can happen in America also. Republicans that I have respected for years are supporting Trump. Chavez had supporters too.
The real question is will we let what happened in Venezuela happen in America? And Socialism is not the reason for the chaos in Venezuela.



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