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No. 138


Is It Over?
A. Govea
Week Ending October 14th

A lot has been said about Jason’s decision to punt on 4th and 1 on their on 40 with a chance to win the game in overtime. Jason said (paraphrasing) the way the defense was playing they figured they would get another stop especially if we could pin them back. And yes, it does make some sense, Pero the way the offense was playing would they be that close to scoring again in overtime.
When you have the 28th ranked offense in the NFL with a Q.B. that is ranked 32nd in average per completions. Obviously, numbers can at times be deceiving but, in this case,, I think not Dak appears to have lost confidence. His mechanics are off, maybe he doesn’t’ trust the offensive line anymore, maybe he has lost faith in the play calling. The NFL has had a record high points scored for this time in the season 3,739, the Cowboys have contributed a measly 83 points to that number. A look at their last 5 seasons really gives you a cause for concern, 152,135,101,129 and 125. So, what does that mean, there is something rotten in Dallas this season. So again when you have a 4th and 1 especially in overtime you go for it because you may not get another chance.Easy for me or us to say, after all it is not our job on the line. Jason seems to be playing not to lose, not to win and that kind of attitude will get you beat in anything.
Jason is now the longest head coach have had since Tom Landry (Almost seems sacrileges to mention them together in same sentence) he has a coaching record of 69/56 with 1 playoff win since 2010. Allen Hurns called the Daks second INT the worst call to make in that coverage. You might say well that was Offensive Coordinators Scott Linehan call and you are right. Pero Jason who was a former Q.B. (Back up) himself could have, should have said something. Pero again when you are playing not to lose you really don’t’ want to stick your head out to far, as you might get it cut off. And that my friends yet another sign of someone scared to lose a game and perhaps more importantly to him his job.
I have written that I can not handle another 8/8 season, but my son said to me after the Houston loss we may wishing we get to 8/8 this season. Most of those seasons was all Tony Romo making something out of nothing to win some games that we now would lose. I thought about for a second or two and agreed he is right. This offense cannot win with an average Quarterback especially since many opposing defenses have said we knew exactly what they were going to do before the play. So that said if something big does not change soon yes, it is over. And that is a real shame especially since first time in long time we have a Defense that we can depend on.  What say you is it over let me know @



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