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Heard on the radio regarding the calamity in Houston the large number of people that responded to help that there were no racial lines, everyone was involved in saving lives and there were no racial barriers.  Much of this happened without government control, direction or supervision. This comment made me think about politics.  No doubt this humanitarian act saved many lives.  This is the America that I know.  If during a calamity we get rid of racial barriers, why can’t we do the same with political and ideological barriers. 

The damage that was done by Harvey is enormous, no level of government except the federal government has the money to pay for such damage.  Yet, you have libertarians and Republicans that condemn the federal government for programs that help people through a major crisis such as Harvey.  The reason the claim, it is not the government’s job.  Our own Senator Cruz being one of them.  So, we have this ideological tug of war between less government and more government.  So, the politicians that you elect fall in three categories, one, less government, two more government and three in between.  In politics, there if very little wiggle room, you are left or right, there are very few in the middle. 

If you look at a political map of Texas you will see that all the rural counties voted solid Republican, most by more than 90%.  Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio voted Democrats but not by much.  Tarrant is the lone Republican holdout of the urban counties.  Four Texas congressmen voted against providing aid for Harvey.  Three from the metroplex, Johnson, Hensarling, and Barton.  All Republican and all ultra conservative.  Ideology is more powerful than the needs of people. 

The four major metropolitan areas of DFW, Houston, San Antonio and Austin account for more than 75% of the economy of Texas.  Were it not for these four areas there would be virtually no rural areas since rural areas cannot sustain themselves.  Yet, through gerrymandering it is the rural areas that control the destiny of the urban areas.  You can say that the urban areas are being held hostage by the rural areas. 

After Harvey, someone started a rumor that there was no more gas.  That there would be no gas for an eternity.  Every gas station locally had long lines trying to fill up with gas.  When there was no more regular people filled with premium.  The fear of no more gas was real.  It was only a rumor.  This is the power of propaganda.

The Texas Democratic Party shares responsibility for the demise of the party in changing times it did not adept its message to fit the audience.  Having watched the party from the inside it has practiced a rare form of democracy called autocracy.  The top of the democratic party thought that their individual wisdom was greater than the collective wisdom of the democratic base.

There are issues which we should not be discussing.  One, is abortion.  Roe v. Wade is the law of the land.  The anger with Roe v. Wade is that Republicans make an issue not against the law but about Supreme Court Justices.  When justices like Scalia (rip)) and Thomas are appointed they bring ultra conservative ideology to the court and the country can take a dangerous sharp turn to the extreme right.  We should be more concerned about federal and supreme court appointments.  Federal judges have lifetime appointments.  Too long for extreme ideologues.

Two, is the second amendment.  Guns are going to be with us forever.  That does not mean that we cannot make sensible laws to keep guns away from people who should not6 own them.  The dumbest law that has ever been passed by the legislature is the Open Carry.  What we do have are some people running around flashing their weapons trying to intimidate people. 

The Democratic Party needs to help rural counties.  Work with rural counties to see what it is that they need to elect Democrats or at least have more moderate Republicans run for office.  Send statewide candidates to rural counties.  That is where the action is at.  The issue is not so much elect Democrats but also stop so many whacko Republicans from being elected.  Of you get rid of the whackos you will get rid of SB4 and reinstate DACA.  It is all about the whackos.

Turning Texas Blue is not a message.  Making Texas sane again is.  Until rural counties become competitive you will have whackos elected to the legislature.  A lot of emphasis has been placed on economic development.  Educational development should have a higher priority.  If education is not a priority you will develop a permanent underclass.



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