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No. 130


Is America Safe?
Felix Alvarado
Week Ending August 19th

The latest fiasco involving Trump’s aide Omarosa shows how weak our national security is and how exposed America is to blackmail.  She was able to record conversations inside the White House.  The White House should be the most secure area in America.  All conversations in the White House should be considered sensitive information whose release could cause irreparable damage to America.  I am certain that as occupant of the White House the president has some latitude in recording conversations much like Richard Nixon.  The danger of recordings is that they are a permanent record.  Richard Nixon found out the hard way.

Thus far the experts have come out with this excuse that she did not have access to classified information.  Those that think this way miss the boat completely.  The old saying applies, they “can’t tell the forest from the trees.”  What Omarosa did was accumulate dirt.  Dirt that she can use at will.  As she is doing.  If she had wanted she could have blackmailed Trump.  Instead she backstabbed him.  Trump’s lack of knowledge of human and leadership skills are clearly evident.

Revoking security clearances is an act of vengeance.  It is more than that. I had a Top Secret Clearance.  He can take this one too.  Trump’s favorite management style is crisis management.  He creates one crisis and creates another crisis to cover the prior one up.  But the crisis is due to ineptness.  I recall a visit to a souvenir shop in Madrid, Spain, they had all sorts of swords for sale.  There was a small one about a foot and a half in length.  It was clearly marked “El Cid.”  He was one of the liberators of Spain from the Muslims.  I asked the owner why the sword was so small.  Compared to the large ones.  He explained the large ones ae for the troops.  El Cid viewed the battle from the top of some hill, safe from all the carnage down in the battlefield.  A leader’s position is at the top and not where stuff is being thrown around.  That is something Trump has not learned.

Some Washington Republicans have rallied behind Trump.  They are Swamp Republicans.  In a way they don’t have a choice, they are trying to save the party from self-destruction.  Trump values loyalty more than any other characteristic.  In my twenty-eight yeas in the military I learned that the most important value a follower could have is competence.  Competence meant you could trust the person to do their job to the best of the ability.  In the Army I learned an enduring lesson, “take care of your people, and you people will take care of you.”  A good follower was not afraid to take you to the side and give you a gentle warning, “You are about ready to step on your sword.”  We have all head of General Patton.  Patton took many risks.  But, he won the battles.  Could you trust Trump in Patton’s position?  Can you imagine what a Trump battlefield would look like?  Chaos and disorder in the valley while Trump is on the top of the hill pen and paper in hand getting people to sign loyalty pledges and NDA (non-disclosure agreements.)

Trump’s style of you hit me once, I hit you back twice may work in a school yard that is unsupervised.  Sooner or later, his style will wear out or the Republican Party will lose its grip on Washington.  It is time to Make America Safe Again.  Vote.



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