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No. 121


Leadership By Example
Felix Alvarado
June 14, 2018

Women Win Conference to Support Record Number of women running for office in Texas.
They came from every part of the state.  All running for some kind of office, federal, state or local.  They came to acquire the tools needed to win in November.  They came to get ideas and learn strategies to help them tackle the November election.  The event was the brainchild of Kim Olson running for State Commissioner of Agriculture and Joi Chevalier candidate for State Comptroller
First on the agenda was the Chief of Police of Weatherford College.  Something that as candidates most never consider is personal safety and security.  It certainly was a good topic to get the conference going.  After all you don’t know who you are going to run into in the campaign trail.  Most people show up at rallies to learn about the candidate.  Some show up to disrupt the rally.  In some cases, it is the opposition that pays people to show up.  Especially in close elections.  We saw in the local justice of the peace race where the incumbent was destroying the opponent’s political signs.
To me the most interesting question was the matter of speaking Spanish.  The question was directed at Beto, the popular Democratic Candidate for US Senate.  He was a guest speaker at the event.  I like his answer, basically, not an issue.  I liked his answer because locally in the northside and the southside candidates have used this successfully as an issue.  Most of the Spanish that I hear is not literate.  It is the Spanish spoken at home.  A person that speaks a few words of Spanish is not literate.  Learning Spanish is just like learning English.  Starts at elementary school.  So.  For most of southside and northside.  Stop pretending you speak Spanish.
Conspicuously absent were the TDP and TCDP.  The top has to support the bottom, if you want a Blue Wave.  Down ballot candidates cannot do all the work by themselves, especially in fundraising.  There are a lot of people with a lot of deep pockets in Texas.  Time to open up them pockets.
I notice that locally the Republican Party has a lock on rural counties.  Republican candidates don’t even have to campaign here.  It is going to be down ballot candidates, knocking on doors that is going to change this.  But it is going to take money for gas and flyers.  That is ff you want a Blue Wave.  Otherwise.  It will be just a trickle.
You can see Beto at our Nuestra Voz de North Texas Facebook page.



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