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Keep Moving Forward
Aidee Delgado de Frias

During my high school years, I practiced sports such as swimming, camp run and track. Like many other athlete’s cases, my regular practice of these sports changed when I got to college, as my career and my job took the main part of my time, I found myself in a dilemma; I wanted to find a way to keep practicing physical activity regularly and maintain my social life active.
Besides on helping me maintain a healthy life “KMF performance” helped me on to get better on my communicative abilities, building friendships and professional friendships as well with the “KMF performance” members.
Keep Moving Forward, offers a complete range of accessible entertainment services that adapt to every kind of athlete’s needs and they’re physical condition level as well.  KMF also ignores the athletes’ age, gender, religion, experience or previous exploits with the only purpose of reaching the chosen goal; finding that motivation of keep moving forward. KMF’s philosophy is to provide a personalized entertainment based on the sport level and the personal objectives of each one of it’s members. “KMF performance” has a variety of coaches with professional experience including being named the best triathlon coaching in the year of 2014, it also offers accessible entertainment sites for the college level community and Denton as well.
“KMF performance” establishes specific times and places for their entertainment availability and it gives members the opportunity of establishing practice hours that work with they’re schedules. It also provides them with local competitions and social groups; it shares information about healthy eating and techniques on having a healthy life on their Facebook and Twitter pages, and the organization’s official website.
Like everything else in life, it’s necessary to find a balance in between all the aspects on our day to day basis. The key to success is found by balancing and administering our time in the most efficient way; finding a routine between our academic, social, labor and personal home works. In my case, it was necessary finding a group just like “KMF” that would help me find the motivation I had lost of doing physical activities; it doesn’t matter which place you choose for exercising, nor if you do it by yourself or with friends, what matters is to get off the sofa, stop procrastinating and to begin living your life now.


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