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Mexican-Americans: The New Class of Untouchables
Week Ending November 18th

The word Mexican has become a bad word in the United States, it is like calling someone a communist. That is why so many shamed-faced Mexican-Americans call themselves Hispanics, a word that wasn’t used before the 1980s. Back then we were Mexican-Americans, and some called themselves Chicanos to distinguish themselves from Mexican Nationals. There are some Mexicans who cannot escape the brand of being Mexican, they cannot escape this scape-goat stigma by calling themselves Hispanics. These are the “Dreamers,” kids who mostly grew up in the US with no legal residence status. They are being punished for being Mexican, even though in all practical aspects they are Mexican-Americans. No one protects these kids. The Trump regime has decided to destroy their lives. The Christian churches are like mute dogs, only individual priests and pastors have spoken out, but no strong response has come from the Christian Churches. There is an argument to be made that the Islamic organizations would protect these kids if they were Moslems, much more vigorously better than the current institutions that are supposed to protect the rights of the vulnerable.

Trump appears to be condemning these Mexican kids into untouchables, tainting these kids by the circumstances of their birth, deeming them impure, less than human. Making them easy targets for human rights abuses. In the good old days, the law deemed Negroes as less than fully human, that is why it was alright to enslave them. The universally recognized principle of public policy is about benefiting as many people as possible without harming anyone. Trump’s regime violated this principle, when it acted to destroy the lives of so many youths. The harmful policy against the “Dreamers” benefits no one, and it hurts many.

The 16th of September is Mexican Independence Day. Although the date is celebrated as another Independence Day, much like the 4th of July: it is more than that. El Grito de Dolores, was the outrage against racism and the caste system established by Spanish pirates. While the United States wallowed in outright slavery, the Mexican liberators formally outlawed all caste systems. Way before the US elected an African-American president, Mexico had presidents who were of African-descent and a full-blooded Native-American who defeated the French government almost single-handedly.

Today we live in a sick world, history is being turned back, the caste system has returned. There are many ways of putting people in castes that limit their opportunities, destroy their lives, and banish the freedom of pursuing happiness. Students trapped in overwhelming debt, workers in low-wage ghettos, millions of African-Americans incarcerated, and in the case of the “Dreamers” denying them any chance of living a human life. The 16th of September should always be a reminder of the evils that the Mexican liberators defeated on that date: Racism and the caste systems of oppression.



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