As the weekend approaches, most of us are getting in touch with friends to make plans, making reservations to our favorite Fort Worth restaurants, and maybe even getting a relaxing manicure.

Goatman's Bridge

The Ku Klux Klan has committed countless atrocities and are responsible for numerous gruesome murders since their origination. Southern Legend says the Klan once committed such atrocity- one that would lead true evil from the shadows and into a small Texas town. Denton was founded in the 1850’s, a product of another attempted settlement called Pinckneyville. In-between the failed settlement and Denton County is an old iron bridge called “Old Alton Bridge” a bridge that would earn a twisted nickname more than a half a century later.

Garret Fired!

In your dreams, according to an interview with Jerry Jones on the Fan Radio show this week (Paraphrasing) “…Jason is our coach for this whole season, when he was 3/0 and still at 0/3”. Pero, does that include losing to the winless Jets? Well of course that question has been asked and answered already by Jones.

Dia de Los Muertos

When my sisters and I were little we loved to watch Lizzie McGuire on Disney Channel. Disney never failed to have great Halloween specials, and one of our favorites was the Dia de Los Muertos episode of Lizzie McGuire. The episode was centered around the Latina Character Miranda and her family’s tradition of celebrating Dias de Los Muertos.


There’s a social and moral issue that I, like many others are having a hard time comprehending.  Considering that the United States of America is a nation who professes to be, “One Nation under God” with Christian values that millions of Americans preach and purportedly practice, how can anyone conceive, condone, or ignore of what’s happening to the immigrants’ children at our southern border?  This begs the question - is our country comprised of the “Amoral Majority”? 

A DIY Halloween Creation

When it comes to family fun, it’s hard to beat Halloween, and with all the candy flying around, it’s an opportunity to add something nutritious and delicious to festive celebrations.   

Racist Halloween Costumes (Yes, Racist)

Dressing up for Halloween is one of our favorite pastimes. On Halloween night, the neighborhood streets are filled with little princesses, ghosts, fireman and other make-believe characters who are on the hunt for some delicious candy. But, every year we also see some extremely questionable and downright disrespectful costumes.